Album: American Capitalist (2011)
  • Guitarist Jason Hook told Loudwire that he brought this in for the American Capitalist album. He admitted, "It pretty much was stuck on the back burner for the whole record, I'm not sure if anyone else liked it. I know our producer liked it a lot and it went through many different face lifts before it ended up at 'If I Fall.'"
  • Hook told Loudwire that he loves vocalist Ivan Moody's lyric for this song. He said: "Ivan takes something that's potentially pretty safe sounding and puts a lyric to it that makes you say 'Huh?' The lyric is something like 'If I fall, I'm taking everyone down.'"

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  • Steve from Billings, Mtmy favorite part is when he says if i fall f--k you all i'm taking everybody out
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