May We All

Album: Dig Your Roots (2016)
Charted: 30


  • The second single from Dig Your Roots, this song finds the FGL pair praising the simple pleasures of small town life. Tim McGraw picks up the second verse, sharing some of his cherished memories, before joining Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard for the third verse. Kelley said that McGraw "just brings so much life to the song. His voice is legendary."

    "It happened real quick, he added. "He loved the song and said he'd be glad to put his voice on it."
  • The song was written by Rodney Clawson and Jamie Moore and the lyrics were inspired by the idyllic childhoods of the two songwriters. "The song is just kinda hoping for people to get to experience that, and get to experience the fullness of life," Clawson explained to Taste of Country.
  • Rodney Clawson, who grew up in the small town of Gruver in the Texas panhandle, said both songwriters drew on their childhoods. "There's a lot of me, and there's a lot of Jamie," he affirmed. "Jamie grew up down in Florence/Muscle Shoals, and there's a small town kind of feel to it. We both put a lot of our growing up in this song, so it's pretty personal to both of us."
  • Directed by TK McKamy, the video features Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard as race car-driving brothers and McGraw as an injured mechanic who lets Kelley drive his car. The clip was filmed at the Tennessee National Raceway in Hohenwald, Tennessee, about 90 minutes southwest of Nashville.
  • The FGL duo namedrop two disparate artists here:

    The sound of a quarter rollin' down a jukebox
    Play the Travis Tritt right above the Tupac

    Hubbard told "That combination of music is a very common thing with our generation; you could have a country CD, and a Juvenile CD or a Tupac CD or a DMX CD and a Three Doors Down CD. That's how our CD collections looked, it was very diverse."

    Asked why Tim McGraw wasn't name-dropped, instead of Travis Tritt, Kelley laughed and replied, "Travis's name fit in easier. He's a big influence on us too, he's as country as it gets."


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