Slow Ride

Album: Fool for the City (1975)
Charted: 20
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  • The album version of this song, which runs 8:14, has become a classic rock staple. While the "slow love" theme is common in R&B music where the tempo is more congruent with the lyrics, this is a rare rock song that pulls off the feat. The famous guitar riffs change speed and climax neat the end, effectively simulating a lovemaking session. Those who are feeling strong can use the album version, but a single cut down to 3:56 with a fade out ending is also available.
  • This song was written by the group's lead singer, David "Lonesome Dave" Peverett, who died in 2000. He also wrote "Fool for the City."
  • A '70s classic, this was used in the movie Dazed and Confused, which was set in that era. The song also appeared on The Simpsons, Seinfeld, That '70s Show and My Name Is Earl.
  • This song is featured as a playable song in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. It is a cover of the 3:56 version, but instead of fading, an original ending was added leaving the singer belting out "SLOW RIDE" and having a bass solo before ending. >>
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    Airk - Skagway, AK
  • Did you know: Foghat got their name when Peverett came up with the word while playing a Scrabble-like game with his brother. Peverett convinced the band to go with it instead of Brandywine.
  • In 2008, American Idol contestants Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta performed this song as a duet on the competition show. It went over so well, their rendition was released as a single, going to #105 in the US.
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Comments: 14

  • Dave Landry from LafayetteThe story about being due to a traffic situation in Lafayette was from a parody site. The history isn't true on this one. Check the bottom of this page:
  • Amy from VirginiaRoger Earl: "Everyone thinks that Slow Ride is this song that you can seduce the other half with over a bottle of cheap red and a microwavable ready-meal. But honestly it's not about that at all."
  • Camille from Toronto, OhOh I was a teenager back in the day when this was popular and absolutely loved the song, and now I can't even figure out why!
  • Joel from Miami, FlThis song is about a woman slowly riding her man to orgasm. It was also featured on the Showtime original series Dexter.
  • Brad from Mooreseville, InThis song is about stopping yourself from coming too fast
  • Erika from Bellingham, WaDoes anyone know where I can get the long studio version? It's just too sexy - the music (and breathing) simulates the process of coming and the final release of orgasm - pretty amazing and it will make you horny!
  • Carrie from Roanoke, VaWow, I had no idea that this was a sex song. It just never occured to me. I have loved it since I was about 7 or 8 years old, and I thought it was about a group of guys cruising around in a muscle car.
  • Zane from Kenosha, WiThat 70's Show is the best show and this song is really good.
  • Thomas from Somerville, AlI DJ'd in nightclubs for years.No matter what the format of the club was, or how dead the crowd was, this song would always get them up and jumping and on the dance floor. A true classic,
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis is the song the evil monkey was rolling a fatty up to!
  • Justin from Hamburger City, Wathis song was in family guy.the evil monkey was listining to it.
  • Jeff from Austin, TxWOW!! Jessie, you're the coolest!! You can pretend to play guitar really well!!
  • Jessie from Dallas, Txpretty cool song. I can ace it on GH3
  • Justin from Victoria, BcThis song is the first track in Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock.
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