Album: There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)
Charted: 29


  • Dave Grohl: "Breakout started off almost as a joke, just a play on the word and taking the piss out of your typical tortured romance love story. It's supposed to seem kind of ridiculous because I can't imagine anyone wanting to break off a relationship just because they have acne."
  • This song was on the soundtrack of Me, Myself And Irene. Dave Grohl is good friends with Jim Carrey, who starred in the movie.
  • The music video takes place at a drive-in movie theater showing Me, Myself, And Irene and features 3'6" actor Tony Cox, who appeared in the film.
  • While recording this song, the band had to tell Dave Grohl to tone it down because the neighbors were giving dirty looks and threatening to complain about the noise. (Thanks, Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above. Some info provided by >>
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    Bert - Pueblo, NM, for all above. Some info provided by
  • in the video for "Breakout," the song "Generator," also from There Is Nothing Left To Lose, can be heard. >>
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    john - bensalems, PA

Comments: 7

  • Tracy from Tulsa, OkI took it cause me so much stress it shows on my face! You make me nervous! You make me stalk you! I NEED THERAPY because of you!

    Quirky cool song. Bass line Rocks at the end too
  • Chris from Louisville, KyI always thought this song was about somebody being forced to do something that they didn't want to do and then "breaking out" of their cage, so-to-speak. I also always thought the lyrics were "I don't want to live like that" instead of "look like that". Anyways, great song and one of my favorites.
  • Ashley from Tonopah, AzI love this song! I always rock out to this song when I had a bad day. The video is funny too! :)
    Lol, Dave throws Taylor on an air hockey table. That's just funny.
  • Candice from Arlington, Wahah the acoustic version is awesome.

    i love to watch them perform it on youtube.
    its funny.
  • Diz from Sydney, Australiatop's my ringtone and i have about 100 missed calls because i wanna listen to the song and by the time i pick up the person that called has left
  • Dan from Sydney, Australialove the acoustic version aswell
  • Daniel from Thayer, MoThis song has got to be like an Anthem for all the loser type kids who are sick of taking everybody's crap and holding back all the time. Hence the video.
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