Dear Rosemary

Album: Wasting Light (2011)
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  • This dark, ambivalent, mid-tempo rocker is a track from the American rock band Foo Fighters' seventh studio album, Wasting Light. Dave Grohl recruited Bob Mould from one of his favorite all-time acts, Husker Du, to play guitar and sing vocals on this track. The Foo frontman told Q magazine: "It sounds like Bob and I wrote a song for Husker Du 20 years ago and the Foo Fighters are covering it."
  • Grohl told Mojo magazine how he got Mould involved on this track: "I was a huge fan of Husker Du. Their album Zen Arcade is one of the most underrated American rock 'n' roll records of all time. And only recently did I realise how much I've ripped Bob off for the last 16 years! I met him for the first time last summer and said, 'You know that I'd be nowhere and nobody without your music, right>' and he very politely nodded and said: 'I know.' We swapped phone numbers and became friends. I had this song that I imagined would be a duet between us, and he obliged. What an honor to have that sort of moment with one of your heroes."
  • Even for a Rock legend like Grohl, working with one of your all time heroes for the first time can be nerve-wracking. He told the UK Sun newspaper: "When you first meet someone you've idolized your whole life, you're just nervous. That's how I felt with Bob. You don't want to come off feeling like an awkward superfan but it's inevitable. But then those first impressions wear off and you realize he's just a nice person. And then you put on the instruments and that feeling comes back again. You want to make it right."
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  • Ryan from Birmingham, AlPart of it sounds kind of like the Bay City Rollers "Saturday Night" but of course the song as a whole is completely different. Dave has listed them as an influence in the past. Definitely my favorite on the album. I listen to the beginning over and over then listen for Bob's voice. I can't believe it has not been released as a single and a music video other than the contest video. Wasting Light is one of a few albums that I listen to every song on over and over in order, like Back in Black, Sgt Peppers, Appetite for Destruction, Joshua Tree, Van Halen I...
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