In Pieces

Album: Can't Slow Down (2009)
  • Can't Slow Down was Foreigner's first album since Mr. Moonlight in 1994, and it was their first album with new lead singer Kelly Hansen in place of Lou Gramm. Foreigner's guitarist Mick Jones feels that this is one of the strongest tracks on the album. He told us: "There's something that was captured on the song called 'In Pieces' that moves me quite a bit. It's a powerful, powerful song. And the whole track to me has really got a drive to it. Although you'd term it as a slower song, it's not a ballad, it's a strong, strong song. Again, it's a relationship song about a heart being shattered. Kelly does a great vocal performance on it. He's put his heart and soul into these songs, and you can feel it. I think there's a lot of conviction in the vocal performances throughout the album." (Check out our interview with Mick Jones.)


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