Spray Paint Love

Album: Single release only (2017)


  • Frank Carter told Kerrang the story behind this song: "It's basically an obituary of a love song. It's about understanding that a change is coming. It's about understanding that you can be mentally prepared for something to happen, but not necessarily emotionally prepared for it. We were in the studio recording the music two weeks before we were supposed to go on tour, but I had actually written the lyrics to it much earlier in the year."

    "I was in a weird headspace," Carter added. "I found a lot of fairly morbid comparisons between what I was seeing out of the window on the highway in America at 4 a.m., with what was going on in my life. It's a heavy thing to contend with."
  • The innovative video, directed by Ross Cairns, finds Carter performing inside the Samsung Hypercube, a space where a couple of months earlier thousands of festivalgoers had created their own unique 360 performances. Carter told NME regarding his experience recording inside the Samsung Hypercube:

    "No grandeur (it's already grand), no overcrowding (less is more), and no forced energy (the space literally acts like it's alive already). I walked in, and I sang, and I celebrated life over and over again until the director yelled cut. The video has refined the experience within the space, and has allowed us to create something that is uniquely about the band and our new track. We are incredibly proud to be one of the first to celebrate it."


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