Make America Great Again

Album: Be More Kind (2018)


  • This song finds Frank Turner offering some advice to President Trump on making the US "great again." Some of his tips include "making racists ashamed again" and making "compassion in fashion again."

    "This is obviously one of the more provocatively titled songs I've released in recent years, but in a way, I'm not kidding," Turner said.

    He added: "America is bloody great, one of my favorite countries in the world. Much like back at home, they've had a politically fraught time of late, and I wanted to say something about it."
  • The song's visual shows Turner asking Austin, Texas natives what they think is the greatest thing about their country. Turner said: "For the video, I thought I'd make some new friends (in Texas!) to help out with the suggestions."
  • The slogan "Make America Great Again" was famously written on a red cap worn by Donald Trump and his supporters. Turner's intention with this song was to reclaim it from the president.

    "What I find depressing about the 'nativist' movement in the US right now, is that they've resoundingly misidentified what's great about America," he explained to the BBC. "That song has a definite directional message to it and obviously I'm not a fan of the current American administration."
  • This is one of several songs on Be More Kind that takes a nonpartisan political slant. Frank Turner explained to

    "It's not because I don't have any opinions, I do, but it's more about the trend I've noticed of how bad we've got at disagreeing with each other. We've lost the ability to conduct rational debates and to respect other points of view. Political discourse is supposed to be a way of people's minds, not insulting them. People have forgotten that and a lot of them seem to take pride and pleasure in insulting each other. I think that's dangerous and all of us, including me, would benefit from taking a step back and thinking about the humanity of people we disagree with."


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