Girls on Boys

Album: The Aviary (2017)
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  • This feel-good anthem features guest vocals by Rozes over Galantis' shiny synth-based production. "It's a style of songwriting that's been a part of Galantis from the start, but we never really had the chance to show you," Galantis said in a joint statement via press release. "We had our battles with this one. It took a million turns, but it also forced us to go somewhere we haven't been before, and we're stoked to be sharing."

    "The upbeat vibe of the song masks the darker lyrics," Rozes added, "which reveal that the money, diamonds and champagne won't fix the feeling of missing the person you love and feeling alone."
  • Rozes expanded on the song's meaning: "'Girls On Boys' is about attempting to fix a broken heart with a night of flashy distractions, which is only a short-term remedy. One of my co-writers went though a break-up and we were talking about how he was coping, which was mostly by keeping busy, hanging out with friends, and partying like everything was fine."
  • It all started with girls on boys, girls on girls
    Red heels on the table and I didn't care

    Rozes told Genius: "Though this sounds like some sort of strip club, when i wrote this line, I actually pictured myself in one of my drunk superhero moments where I decide I wanna dance on countertops and tables. It’s not as graceful as it seems."
  • Philadelphia songstress Rozes is best known for her vocal contribution to The Chainsmokers' 2015 hit "Roses."
  • Rozes had already written the song with Josh Cumbee prior to meeting Galantis. She told Pop Crush: "They heard it through… I guess my manager - and loved it. It was just piano at that time. That's when their production came into play."
  • The song's theme of heartbreak was inspired by a recent break-up that Josh Cumbee had been through. Rozes recalled:

    "I really wanted to play on his feelings and draw from his experience. He was saying one way he was trying to cope was going out with friends and getting back out there and drinking and going to clubs. In the end, he was kind of realizing that it did make him feel empty, like I have all these things but I just want to share them with this one person."


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