We Belong to Each Other

Album: not released on an album (2020)
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  • Garth Brooks debuted this breezy acoustic country tune on the Facebook page of Good Morning America's Robin Roberts after the broadcaster asked when we could expect new music from him. The song is a message of unity in which Garth states that "no wall can divide us," "no storm can untie us," and we're "all leaves on the same tree." It is love that binds us together.
  • Brooks shared the song at a time of social unrest in America following the racist police murder of George Floyd. It is similar to his 1992 tune "We Shall Be Free," which he penned with Stephanie Davis in response to the 1992 LA Riots.
  • After Brooks shared the song, he posted on his Facebook page: "Music is the greatest healer and also the greatest equalizer. A lot of people have asked how I feel about what is going on in the world right now... and music is where I turn to answer that question - We Belong to Each Other, We are Sister and Brother... ALL OF US. We must not divide, but unite," Brooks wrote in a Facebook post of his own."
  • Garth Brooks laid down the song live without the help of multi-track layering at a new studio on his Nashville complex. He explained during an episode of Inside Studio G that it marked his first time recording there. "I just love how that track feels," the country star added, calling the song a "performance piece."

    "The room felt so good, the vibe felt so good," he said. "I gotta tell ya, it's the greatest cut because of this."

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  • Soxfan from NhI agree with everything that Stereo said, except that Garth can't write. That is absolutely absurd thing to say! I hate that Garth publicly leans so far left, when most of his audience base is on the right. He is still the greatest of all time. No question or doubt about that. He has been writing hits for the 5 decades (since '89). If you don't like him, that's fine. To each their own, but to say he can't write, when he has written, or at least taken part in writing far far more major hit songs than anyone else. You can not like his music or his political views, but to knock his musical or writing talents just makes you look like you don't know what your talking about
  • Stereo from CaliforniaThis song is awful. Garth can't write and as usual he has to have help making a good song. It's sad that he would try and profit on such a divided issue but then he's always leaned towards the left on political views.
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