Album: Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael (1998)
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  • In April 1998, George Michael was arrested by an undercover police officer for "engaging in a lewd act" in a public toilet in Beverly Hills; his arrest was part of a sting operation aimed at entrapping cruising homosexuals. This surprising high-profile catch confirmed rumors that had circulated about the star for years, in spite of his drop-dead good looks, his long career as a teen heartthrob and the odd paparazzi photo of him with a gorgeous girl on his arm.

    After his arrest, Michael came clean about his closet homosexuality - which was obviously a weight off his mind - and in due course made a typical response with "Outside." While the song contains no obvious reference to his encounter with Officer Rodriguez, the accompanying video, which among other things shows him dressed as a police officer kissing another male officer intensely, left no doubt that like many people, he wondered if precious police time might not be used more productively investigating real crimes instead of putting temptation in the way of men whose activities are innocuous if sordid.
  • Not everybody appreciated Michael's sense of humor, especially Marcelo Rodriguez, and he filed a $10 million lawsuit against the singer-songwriter claiming the video mocked him and that Michael had libeled him in magazine and TV interviews. After protracted litigation, the frivolous suit was dismissed. >>
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  • Victoria Semenenko George Michael's Baby from UkraineDespite video seems to be a kind of peacefull pact for beloved person but in fact George is really just too much cynical here taking into account a knife attack happened to my pregnant sister end of October 1998 means exactly that year he was arrested for a lewd act in Los-Angeles toilet. As they say in russian prison you're place is near that hole. But actually that toilet turning to a disco is a reference to unreleased song titled "Disco" telling about love story between much older guy and underage girl means me.
    As actually that exactly Swedish movie at the very begining is about my Ukrainian origins regarding we historically had a monarchy came from Scandinavia.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineUnfortunately or not but in reality George really appeared as a kind of object of very big Russian political game as actually Saint George is considered to be a main holder of Moscow.
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineOh, I can surely say "Thank you Mr Rodriguez!"
  • Viktoria Semenenko from UkraineAnd if anybody noticed George is not in rythm with other dancers at one moment.
  • Kristina from Christchurch, New ZealandAwesome song! I love it when he dresses up as a cop and dances in the male toilets that have turned into a disco. I also love how he mocks himself, you have to admire him for that!
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