The Chair

Album: Greatest Hits (1987)


  • Named by CMT as one of the 100 greatest country songs of all-time, this was the result of a night-long songwriting binge by Country music songwriters Hank Cochran and Dean Dillon. The two had been writing songs all night long and as Dillon puts it "were about written out" when he strummed his guitar and sang the line "Excuse me but I think you've got my chair." Twenty minutes later, "The Chair" was complete.
  • This is one of Strait's 51 #1 hits, a record for country music. >>
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    Julian - Oakland, AR
  • Cochran was already a seasoned veteran in the music industry with classic songs like Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" to his name, and acted as a mentor to Dean Dillon, who was making his own mark in the business penning hits for Strait and other country artists.

    Dillon spoke with us in 2012 about collaborating with Cochran on the track: "There's some lines in that song which are just brilliant that Hank wrote. The line, 'Thank you, can I drink you a buy, well, listen to me, what I meant is can I buy you a drink, anything you please,' it just shows how flustered the guy was. He's tripping over himself to get to know this girl. And using every line in the book, basically, to get her attention. And I just thought that was really brilliant on Hank's part. But then you have to understand Hank Cochran was one of the most brilliant songwriters ever in country music."

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  • Atl from Aztlán, MexicoVery nice song
  • Jennifur Sun from RamonaAm curious. does anyone know if George used his regular band on his recordings? if no who usually played fiddle on his LPs? and have to say this is an orgional idea for dating, in a way.
  • Steve from Tempe, AzWhile "The Chair" was a huge hit for George, follow up songs: The Table, The Lamp and The Recliner failed to achieve the same level of success. These were widely panned by fans and critics alike.
  • Jezebel from Lincoln, MoI know......who in the world is Garth Brooks .....George Strait is I'm sorry but ten times fold!!!
  • Lynn from El Paso, TxGeorge is the King! It's wonderful to hear even the new acts sing his praises at his contributions to make country music what is it today. He is a class act. He's the best!
  • Ken from Apopka, FlGeorge as of now, has 52 #1 hits!
  • Alicia from Stonefort, IlWhile I do love everything that George Strait has ever done, he doesn't have the most #1 hits. the actual holder of this title is Conway Twitty.
  • Zak from Austin, TxActually, George Strait's 51 #1 hits isn't just a Country Music record. He has more #1 hits than any artist in the history of music...period.
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