Found Out About You

Album: Dusted (1989)
Charted: 40 25
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  • "Found Out About You" was written by Gin Blossoms guitarist Doug Hopkins. The song is based on a compilation of episodes with several of his girlfriends:

    "I heard about nights out in the school yard. I found out about you." - This has a double meaning. He found out about a girlfriend meeting another guy in a schoolyard and it is also where he and another girl swung on the swings and talked finding out about each other.

    "Street lights blink on through the car window. I get the time too often on AM radio." - The group members hung around together and this particular line refers to a night when the girl from the swings was with Doug and Robin was driving. They were doing a lot of partying and were listening to the radio when the announcer said the time. >>
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  • This first appeared in 1989 on Dusted, the Gin Blossoms' debut album. Released on a tiny label, it didn't get much attention, but a few years later the band earned a deal with A&M Records and recorded a new version for their 1992 album New Miserable Experience. During those sessions, Doug Hopkins was dealing with personal problems and alcoholism. He barely got through them, and when the sessions were over his bandmates fired him. The Gin Blossoms hit the road to promote the album with a new guitarist (Scotty Johnson), and Hopkins picked up with another band. At first, the album went nowhere, but when they released a video for the song "Hey Jealousy" - also written by Hopkins - they got some momentum. By the fall of 1993, the song was all over the radio. By this time, Hopkins was out of his band and in a downward spiral; he killed himself on December 5, 1993. Around this time, "Found Out About You" was released as the follow-up single. Like "Hey Jealousy," it earned lots of airplay and helped establish the band. The song peaked on the US chart at #25 in February 1994.

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  • Jess from Baltimore The line “Did you love me only in my head” clearly, imho, depicts the fact that perhaps it’s not even a real relationship. He drives past her house and even comments that her “boyfriend’s over.”
  • Brian from Boston, MaThe Gin Blossoms were on the radio constantly in the 90's. What do we have now Lady Ga Ga and justin Beiber .Are you s--tting me ? No seriously are you?
  • Brian from Boston, MaGreat song I am just now learning to play this on guitar.One of the great things about the Gin Blossoms is how melodic their music is.Melody is something a lot of bands lack.Sure some bands may be able to rock hard,shred on the guitar and look cool but if the song lacks melody than it is quickly forgotten. The Counting crows are another example of a band with a great sense of melody.I sometimes feel like an old man because I really don't listen to a lot of todays music.There are many technically skilled guitar players but few are good songwriters
  • Jw from New York, NyWell I will be nic here so all you souless sheep can get it.

    You 1st have to suffer to write the way he did or go back and listen to more Britney maybe thats best.

    The well drys up lol yea beacause he was the one with the pain and the talent .

    See like most rock bands money replaces talent or any kind of soul.

    So they live off what a someone with soul and talent did for them , what happened , YOU DONT KNOW jesus what are you a 5 year old ?
  • Tom from Cincinnati, OhSaw them last night for free in West Chester, Ohio. Opened up with found out about you. The show was fabulous, over 10,000 in attendance. They rocked the place.
  • Jimmy Page from HestonGreat tune! I love it one of my favorites.
  • Ryan from Albuquerque, Nmthe song plays out well. Its like he dated a girl but then found out who she really was once they broke up.
  • A from Fdsafds, AustraliaCheck out the new Gin Blossom album - Major Lodge Victory - has some new gems on it! I can't get it off repeat.
  • Jon from Bloomington, IlThe new CD is awesome. I reccomend that everyone go buy it.
  • Angela from San Antonio, TxDoug Hopkins (the writer/guitarist)became depressed and drunken due to a breakup of a relationship. (GF or wife I can't remember which)he became rebellious and to drunk to perform unreliably on stage. Gin fired/replaced him and continued to tour without him. The group became a success and Doug Hopkins became more depressed partly about not being a part of the band. He commited suicide. Gin still toured and still used some of his lyrics and had more hits. Eventually, the music fountain dried up.

    I hope they can get some new music together. I miss their unique sound.
  • Ricardo from Mexico, MexicoThey´re still on the Rock
    The Gin Blossoms have wrapped up their recording at Ardent Studios in Memphis. Look for a single release late in the first quarter in 2006.

    Northey/Valenzuela tour dates are as follows: 2/14/06 Iota Club & Cafe, Arlington, VA; fot ticket info, go to: 2/16/06 B.B. King's Blues Club, New York, NY; for ticket info, go to: 2/17/06 Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT; for ticket info, go to: 2/18/06 The Chance Theatre, Poughkeepsie, NY; for ticket info, go to:
  • Angela West from Tomball, TxThe Gin Blossoms have such great lyrics & music, does anyone know whatever happened to them?
  • Roger from Los Angeles, CaDoug Hopkins was drunk during most of the sessions recording this album. It is amazing how someone with an addiction problem and depression could write such good music. I guess his misery inspired him.
  • Greg from New Haven, CtDon't know much about the GB's but they are a great band. This song seems to be about a girl that became a famous model/actress or something like that and just left him the dust.
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