Ooh Aah... Just A Little Bit

Album: Fresh (1996)
Charted: 1 12


  • Gina G is an Australian who began as a DJ and singer before emigrating to the UK in 1994. This song got her a record deal, and Gina became the first overseas singer to represent the UK in the Eurovision competition when this song was entered. It came in 7th but was the most successful UK Eurovision entry ever on the US charts.
  • While recording demos one day, Gina G came across a discarded unnoticed demo tape of this. She completely transformed it into a dance anthem, retaining only the first line of the chorus, the phrase "Ooh aah just a little bit."

Comments: 5

  • Joel from Baltimore, MdIt might be annoying but it's not as bad as some other songs I could mention but won't. I bet a lot of guys think this is a sex song considering the title and chorus but they would probably be dissapointed.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesMakes me feel old... Takes me back to 1996, where it stood out in the UK Charts then dominated by Britpop and Indie-Rock
  • Kim from New Btunswick, NjTo the person who said this song is terrible - annoying, yes. But terrible? This is GENIUS. The galloping beat, the unbelievably sticky chorus. There was no way that it wouldn't be such a huge hit. One of those catchy little numbers that makes you want to blow your brains out. Well written, though.
  • Ian from Melbourne, AustraliaTHIS SONG IS TERRIBLE
  • David from Central Coast, AustraliaGina G is making a comeback and she will be competing at the 2005 Eurovision Contest again for the UK. As well she has been quoted by saying "she should have won the Eurovision Song contest she was in"
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