Sexy! No No No

Album: Tangled Up (2007)
Charted: 5


  • In an interview for the Fascination Records website, Cheryl Cole of Girls Aloud commented on the use of the vocoder on this track: "'NNN' was a great track and it let people know we're back. A lot of people seem to be using that vocoder now, like Kanye and Shayne Ward. So we're proud to be doing that first!"
  • The guitar riff is sampled from Scottish rock band Nazareth's 1975 track "Hair Of The Dog." The meaning of the phrase 'hair of the dog' is the ancient notion that the imbibing of alcohol can cure a hangover. This is based on the concept of what ails you is more of what ails you.
  • This was the group's 16th consecutive UK Top 10 hit, earning the girls a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful female group in UK chart history.
  • In the video for this song, the girls had to don catsuits. Girl Aloud Nicola Roberts told the Metro newspaper November 12, 2007 they didn't enjoy wearing them: "The catsuits were awful to put on. We had to put lubricant all over our bodies and it felt like we were swimming around in the suit, it was disgusting. It worked on the video though."
  • The promo for this song, which was directed by Trudy Bellinger (Rachel Stevens, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Bodyrockers), won the online Virgin Media 2007 Music Award for Best Video. Tangled Up also won the Virgin Media Award for Best Album of 2007.


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