Bad Religion

Album: Godsmack (2000)
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  • On the surface, this song is a commentary on the harmful effects of religion, but it may also deal with lead singer Sully Erna's anti-abortion beliefs. Lyrics to indicate this include: "Who's to say I won't like you anyway? Take a deep breath; I'm alive. Can you hear me? I'm alive inside of you. Agony creeps up behind you." >>
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  • Bad Religion is also the name of an influential Southern California Punk band that was popular in the '80s.
  • In Godsmack's Pandora Stories feature, Erna and guitarist Tony Rombola said the main riff was written by the band's original drummer, Tommy Stewart. (Stewart left the band in 2002 and was replaced by Shannon Larkin of Amen.)
  • This originally appeared on Godsmack's independently released demo album, All Wound Up. After the CD caught on in their native Massachusetts, the band landed a record deal with Universal, and the demo was reworked and re-released as their eponymous debut. "Bad Religion" was the fourth and final single, and it went to #8 on the Mainstream Rock chart.
  • This was used in Mayor Of The Sunset Strip, a 2003 documentary about the life of influential radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer.

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  • Shepardleec from Central UsIt's so obviously about Sully's stance on being pro-life. He is a practicing Wiccan, so it's not anti-religion. Just listen to the lyrics.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjI relate it to be about bullies and how they're really just insecure cowards on the inside, they feel insecure about themselves, so they pick on others to feel better about themselves, there really not that different from the people they tease ("Who's to say I won't like you anyway? Take a deep breath, I'm alive. Can you feel me, I'm alive inside of you. Agony creeps up behind you." "Can you feel it? I gotta live with it everyday, and I can't the pressure. I'm goin' insane, now go away!) The first verse could be from the POV of the bully ("See you quver like the dogs on the street, lookin' down on as I beat you.") IDK just my interpretation.
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyGodsmack,,,Of course many people just read the tittl and speculate,in Fact came to know is about abortion,even now i like the tune!
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjLove the drums in this one.
  • Pierce from Peoria, IlIn honesty, I think this has absolutely nothing to do with religion or abortion. The song's narrator has been forced by authority to think and act in a certain way which he has come to realize is hypocritical. He knows now that the way he used to live will deeply affect him for the rest of his life, which he can never forgive or forget and hopes those who deceived will feel guilty for what they have done ("Can you hear me? I'm alive inside of you. Agony creeps up behind you.") Erna uses religion as a metaphor for hypocrisy.
  • Daniel from Winchester, OhThis song totally relates to what I think about religion personally, its all just hype and all of its just hypocritical nonsense
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