The Enemy

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  • According to lead singer Sully Erna, this is about a guy who was his buddy. When Godsmack got big, this guy was going with Sully to clubs and parties. They stopped hanging out as much but the guy continued to go out to places where people knew he knew the band. He would hang out in the VIP rooms and tell them that Godsmack was on their way. Toward the end of the night he would make up an excuse as to why the band wasn't showing up. Sully felt betrayed by someone using his name and image to gain their own fame. >>
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    Chris - Fresno, CA
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Comments: 5

  • Claire from Forsyth, GaThese guys have the worst luck with friends...But it's alright when he makes these wicked sweet songs!!! they've gotta have a few good friends that don't try an screw em'...keep it going Erna, your songs rock!!!
  • Connaugh from Novsgrod, Russia FederationGODSMACK IS MINT everyone who's heard it loves it
  • Jeff from Helena, Mtgerry what do you think happens after you die? this question has been bothering me for along time. how many songs does godsmack have? exactly
  • Jeff from Helena, MtThis song is also my ringtone. best song in the world. sick of life is pretty good too. they are all awesome
  • Gerry from Cooltown, MaThis song is featured in WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007
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