King For A Day

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  • This song is about a cross-dresser recounting his earliest experiences as a child in his mother's closet: "Just wait till all the guys get a load of me." >>
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    Steph - Ottawa, Canada
  • In a 1995 issue of The Advocate, lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong stated, "I think I've always been bisexual."
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  • Doomcard from United StatesI noticed that one comment gave a theory that it's not about cross dressing, just dressing up, and I'd like to refute that statement. The line "Sugar and Spice, and everything nice, wasn't made for only girls" puts emphasis on the fact that it was girls' clothes that were being worn.
  • Hayes from Newark, OhWhen I first heard this title, I was thinking "ooh! Sword Of Damocoles!" I turned it on, and I was like "HELLS YEAH!! THIS IS AWESOME!" So i came here to find out what it's about, and I found out it's about a drag queen. I'm like "O_O ummmmmmm..."
  • Ronnie from Redwood Valley, CaThis is absolutely one of the bands funnest songs!!!!It is so full of energy!!!Talk about a great band!!!15-20 years and they still have it!The music Industry would not be the same without Green Day
  • Basket Case from New York, NyThis is one of Green Day's best songs. When they play it live it’s full of energy. I'm in a Green Day Tribute Band, Basket Case, and whenever we play it live people go nuts. You can check out a video of us performing it here: King For A Day / Shout Video
  • Rach from Toronto, Canadaone of my fav songs of all time
  • Tom from Mead County, KyThis song is my least of favorites on nimrod.
    This song is not really pointing out that billie is bi-sexual, but just experiencing and having fun.
  • Bri from Washington , DcEarly experiences of the feminine lifestyle.

    Hehe I love this song.
  • Sammy from Canberra, Australialol u gotta remember their singing about wen they were kids at around age 4.. this doesnt mean tht they're cross-dresses as adults and find other other words, we all played dress ups right? its a good fun song tho, great performers!
  • Joe from Chicago, Arthis is a weird but good song and it goes well with shout
  • Intoxicated_curls from Westchester, IlI thought it wasn't cross-dressing, like being a transexual. I don't know x_x
  • Niamh from Cork, IrelandWhen i saw Green Day preform dis song at milton keynes, i could not believe my eyes! it was fantastic! I went with two of my friends and my older sis, we had such a laugh- u rock Green Day!!
  • Zach from Oklahoma City, Okdude i loved this song it was really funny, i like it better on bullet in a bible , when they turn it into shout, and then because they're in england they sing "always look on the bright side of life" from monty python. it was great
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcThe funnest thing to me is that theirs a boxing glove on the trumbone. Dam they some whack lyrics
  • Yuya from Kyoto, JapanBullet In A Bible was a good movie, an excellent documentary of Green Day.
  • Evan from Nyc, Nylol dude rotfl good song i like the beginning with the horns or something
  • Jade from LondonI no wot u mean Tanya bout bein embarrased wel luckily i wasn't coz my Dad was standin a couple of metres bk frm me & my friend's so it was jus a huge laff! Lol!!!
  • Tanya from London, Englandit was so embarassin when he started well, i was with my big bro :-s I couldnt look at him for a while after lol. anyway, FIRST PLAYING OF GREEN DAYS NEW VIDEO, JESUS OF SUBURBIA (which is out oct 24th i think), CHANNEL 4, 10.30pm, FRIDAY 14TH OCTOBER!!!!!! tape it coz it probs wont get played in full alot as its over 9 mins long. THEN, MILTON KEYNES DVD/CD (BULLET IN A BIBLE) OUT 14TH NOVEMBER. woooooooohooooooooooooo
  • Tanya from London, EnglandSoooooooooooo funny live. Not as funny as when he started masturbatin though.....
  • Nick from Roch, Nygr8 song i like the beginning it reminds me of a circus
  • Kara from Moro, IlHe had to have been joking, right?! RIGHT?! :(
  • Sarah from Quito, South Americaok....lets get this straight. im no expert, but yeah, i've heard all the stuff about billie being bisexual, but i also know that right now he is married with two kids. if he is bisexual, i dont know how his wife would put up with that. and its not like hes gonna cheat on his wife with a guy, he made a comitment to her, i dont think that will change.
  • Mary from Philadelphia, PaThis song is very, very funny. But in a weird kind of way. Green Day usually doesn't make songs that make me laugh. I listen to Blink 182 if I feel like laughing. But yeah, King For A Day rocks.
  • Nadia from Sydney, AustraliaYeah, this song isnt based on billie, though. I find it interesting. Its very funny, ut in other ways, its actually quite serious. I dunno. Good song, though
  • Kira from Channahon, IlFunny Yes, but weird because of the cross-dressing part
  • Megan from Portsmouth, Englandthis song is hilarious. i luv it! the grouch is the best song on the album...i think...
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