Album: American Idiot (2004)


  • This follows the story of Jesus Of Suburbia. After being home, and just living in normality, he still regrets losing Whatsername. It's been so long, he can't even remember her name. He wonders what happened to her, and can only remember. All he has is his memories of her. The album ends with him still trying to forget "If my memory serves me right, I'll never turn back time, forgetting you, but not the time." He doesn't regret living his life on the streets, using it as a learning experience, but still tries to forget Whatsername, the pain that she put him through, and vice versa. >>
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  • "I think that the true hero of the whole record is the Whatsername character. She's a person that never really wanes; she never really falls from grace. She's the one that kind of stuck to her beliefs and left all the bulls--t behind," Billie Joe Armstrong told VH1 Storytellers. He added: "The Whatsername character tells Jesus of Suburbia/St. Jimmy what they don't want to hear, but inevitably that's what they were going for to begin with, and that's the twist of the whole thing."

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  • Alex from OhioMy friend introduced me to this song and the first thing I immediately thought of was my ex girlfriend. She and I had broken up only 4 months prior. I began to over analyze the song as I listened to it for the 30th time and I began to see the parallels. She was the first girl I genuinely and truly loved. She changed my life in so many different ways. I had memories that I didn't seem to need at first and I acted differently because of her and didn't understand why. Then I realized it was because of all the "little things" that actually mattered more than the "big things". The little things in this song are the affects she had on the narrator and the big thing is her name. And then the final few lines played for the 30th time. "Forgetting you but not the time" stuck with me simply because of the parallels between my ex girlfriend and Whatsername. That was the nail in the coffin. In conclusion, Green Day helped me get over my breakup. If by some miracle, my ex girlfriend does see this, I would like her to know that I really loved you. I meant it every time I said it. Even though we're probably hundreds or maybe even thousands of miles apart now, I hope you're doing better now than you were then. You will always have a special place in my heart.
  • Brendan from New YorkHoly s--t this song is a work of art. The line "go, go, go, go" is just beautiful in that you can tell the desperation that JoS has to get rid of the memory and the thoughts about her.
  • Devin from New York, NyDav, you have godawful taste if you think this album compares to other Rock Operas.
    It's a fantastic album, and I'm not even a fan of classic rock, but you're just dumb.
  • Dav from Woburn, MaWhen American Idiot first came out, I remember pretty much all the girls in my middle school were swooing over "Wake Me Up When September Ends." So I didn't take Green Day seriously. A few years later, I re-listened to the entire album; it's still so amazing to listen to. While it's not as musically similar to any of their previous albums, American Idiot will stand as one of the greatest/most interesting rock operas ever written, probably third ever behind Tommy and Quadrophenia.
  • K from Nowhere, OnToday, I had a thought.... Is Whatsername connected to Gloria in any way?
  • Brad from Lexington, KyThis is tied with "Jesus of Suburbia" for greatest Green Day song of all time. There I said it.
  • Jesus from Split, CroatiaReally great song, I just found it but it is the fastest time that I`ve been attached to some song.
  • Dustin from New York, Nythis song is about how the jesus of suburbia misses his girl and how its been so long dat he cant remeber her name. but he loves and and regrets ever forgetting her.
  • Angela from Brackenridge, PaI can't begin to tell you the emotional attachment I have to this song. It's so powerful and amazing. It probably sounds silly, but there are times when I can't listen through this song without getting tears in my eyes, just because this song is so close to my current situation. Some people say that they are mad because this song wasn't a single. I'm personally glad that Whatsername wasn't made a single. I say this because I feel that Whatsername is one of those special songs that shouldn't require something like a music video. I say it should be up to the listener to see everything their way. Anyways, I love this song. I couldn't have gotton through some of my problems if I didn't have this song. Thank you Green Day, for making this truly amazing song.
  • Louise from Newcastle, United KingdomI think it is probably the best on American idiot. 'Are We the Waiting', 'She's a Rebel' and 'Extraordinary Girl' were the weakest for me.
  • Brian from Vancouver, CanadaThis album is so good. some people are actually going through this kind of thing and for someone to be able to put it into a story like that...when life is such a mess its unbelievable.

    and all i can say is if your that in love with some girl and everythings a mess and noone cares or whatever...DO WHAT YOU DAMN WELL WANT TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!! as long as you make good choices **** everyone else
    Truly yours, Saint Brian (joke)
  • J from Kingstown, OtherThis is the best song Green Day ever created....and it is strategically placed at the end, which is the perfect spot. Also if u notice in the lyrics that comes with the album ..."whatsername" is ALWAYS over a scratched out word.... to me this means....he does not technically forget her name...but instead has a deeper meaning...where he decides to completely move on with his life...she is no longer in his heart but jus a minute portion of his thought.
  • Ollie from London, Englandyeah, i love this song..
  • Steven from West Carrollton, OhDoes ne1 have even the SLIGHTEST suspicion that this song just MIGHT be a sequel to "Time Of Your Life"?
  • Izzy from Buffalo, Nythe part where everyone thinks its like 'go, go, go, go!" you know, that part. I swear to god that(to me) it sounds like 'echo, echo, echo, echo!" I know that its a long shot, but just litsen to it carefully.
  • Tom from Mead County, KyThis is the For-most the best song on the album, i'm just mad that they didn't make it a single.
    This song is about "J.O.S" not be able get rid of the memory of loosing "Whatsername" and tries everything to get her out of his mind.
  • Alex from Gourock, United Statesit a pretty haunting ending for the whole album especially the very end, gets me choked up everytime, i guess maybe cos it's based on billie's own experience that he sings it so emotionally
  • Maranda from Houston, Txi love this band
  • Maranda from Houston, TxThis song is the best best song in the world.I love it so much.I would die for it.It shows a whole sweet other side of Green Day.
  • Addison from Versailles, KyThis is my new favorite Green Day song. My band plays a great cover of it. It's just got awesome lyrics.
  • Michael from Tucson, AzSad, great song. I think that they should have ended this album with something like a finale about something else, like him moving on from LIFE, not some chick he picked up, who he got dumped by.
  • Alex from Loveland, CoI love this song!!!!!!!
  • Sarah from Sandiego, CaI love this song it rocks keep up the good work GD.
  • Jordan from Miramichi, CanadaI love this song but i cant quite get it on drums i think the first is looped
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaAlso it pretty much sums up feelings most people have about someone they have lost (ex-gf, etc)
  • Benny from Melbourne, AustraliaThis song is so emotional and has an air of brilliance to it imo.

    This song is the equivalent to A Day in the Life by The Beatles imo, in it's placing on the album as the last track and it's feeling. Both albums could have finished the song before, but put an extra song on the end that that ends on a slightly sadder note. I love this song, I can't describe why but it has 'something' about it that I love. Especially the last few lines of the song.
  • Paul Taylor from Castalia, NcI dont think its the best song but it is the most under rated. Extrordinary Girl is the weakest song on the album
  • Anna from London, Czech RepublicI love how they make the song older fashioned like 80's. lol.
  • Ignacio from Santiago, ChileI really like this song. It's amazing. I think is one of the best songs in the album, with wake me up when september ends. I love the way they play the guitar near 2:20, its really cool.
  • Clare from Liverpool, Englandthis is one of my favourite songs. wow i say that about a lot of green day songs lol. I think its really amazing though specially at the end the lyrics are great to.
  • Tanya from London, EnglandI wouldn't go as far to say it's the best on the album but it's definitly not the weakest. Come to think of it, I have no idea which one is the weakest. Probably Extraordinary Girl for me
  • Trenton from Minneapolis , MnI acually think this song is the best of all the songs on the whole album.
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