Cookie Jar

Album: The Quilt (2008)
Charted: 6 59


  • This features The-Dream singing the chorus with frontman Travis McCoy.
  • This adulterous analogy is about those who want to be faithful, but can't keep their hands out the cookie jar.
  • Drummer Matt McGinley told Artist Direct that the band titled the album The Quilt because, "it feels like a musical patchwork of different influences and songs."
  • Some people have interpreted this song as an admission of infidelity by Travis McCoy in his relationship with Katy Perry. The GCH frontman told MTV News: "I've gotten a lot of flak in interviews like, 'You know, you're talking about cheating, but you're with Katy right now.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, but the song was written before.' And not only that, but like, if I can deal with her singing about kissing girls all day, she can deal with me singing about eating cookies for a little while."
  • With a hit record under their belt, Gym Class Heroes felt free to take more chances on The Quilt album and on this song in particular. McCoy said, "I feel like we've proven ourselves at this point, which is why we can make a song like 'Cookie Jar.' The last thing we wanted to do was go into this record with a preconceived vibe; instead we just wanted to write songs that felt good to us – and if they're cohesive and well-written you won't have to worry about if they don't all sound alike."

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  • Mathews from Lusaka, Zambiai like this track cause this is what guys like doing we men love women to get sex and women give sex to get from Africa to the world
  • Natalie from Birmingham, United KingdomHe cant control himself around girls. He cheats
  • Landon from Winchester, Oh"If I can deal with her singing about kissing girls all day, she can deal with me singing about eating cookies for a while." I'm going to remember that quotation!
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