Dear Daughter

Album: Into the Wild Life (2015)
  • The origins of this heartfelt ballad in a conversation Lzzy Hale was having with her mom, when Beth Hale asked her daughter if she did a good job raising her. The idea for the track was bouncing around in the singer's head and she asked fans on social media about things they wished their parents had said to them while they were growing up. A lot of inspiration for this song's lyrics came from their replies.

    Guitarist Joe Hottinger recalled to TeamRock: "When we started trying to turn all of these lyrics and ideas into music, Lzzy started hitting these pianos chords and it just flowed. So she went into the church and sat down at the piano. She had a microphone in front of her. I think what you hear on the song is actually the second take."
  • Lzzy Hale discussed this song with "This is a subject that… I mean, obviously, [Halestorm drummer Arejay and I] grew up with a very supportive mother," she said. "We decided to start a rock band, and she actually said, 'Yes! Do that! Go for it!' So, for me, this was… We get to speak to a lot of young girls, and a lot of them do have those supportive parents, but a lot of them don't. So I think this was my way - lyrically, at least - just passing that on… As in, like, if I were… if and when I were to have a daughter, I would be passing these words on to her… I don't know… It's a strange song."

    Bassist Josh Smith added: "It's a strange song, but [with] a great message. And although it says 'Dead Daughter', that's just great advice for anyone… be it a young kid, or anyone in a spot where they're, like, 'Man, I'm in just the pits right now. What the hell's my life gonna be like in ten years?' So it's just good sound advice for anyone kind of trying to find their way."
  • Lzzy Hale: "We started this band when I was 13, and my parents supported our decision to immerse ourselves completely in music. What they never let on was that they were terrified for their little girl, whom they wanted to protect from all the ups and downs they knew I'd have to face following my dream."

    "This song is not only an ode to my parents and their unwavering love and support, but it is a passing of the torch to all the young girls I meet and perform in front of every night. I'm living proof that you can do anything you want to in this life full of love, pain, hope and fear. Keep your head held high, and go for it at all costs. If anyone tries to tell you you can't... Tell 'em to come talk to me!"


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