Gonna Get Mine

Album: Into the Wild Life (2015)
  • This was the last song that Halestorm wrote for Into the Wild Life after their producer, Jay Joyce, told the band that they needed one more big rocker. Guitarist Joe Hottinger recalled to TeamRock: "We went home for the weekend to work on something. Lzzy's had this riff for a while – years in fact – and it's always been in the back of our minds. We were at a hockey match talking about music, which is what we do, and we were singing this riff in our seats whilst watching the game. Finally, we found the song swilling around at the bottom of our bottles of beer, which is where a lot of those good ones lives, and we went home and worked it out."
  • Hottinger explained the track's meaning: "The song's about being unapologetically yourself," he said. "Like, 'Go f--k yourself if you try to f--k with me!' It fits right in with the theme of the record."

    "And again, Arejay (Hale, drums) killed it," he added. "He plays a different beat in every single section. That's like one of those little bits of ear candy people will hear after like the seventh or eighth listen. There's loads of that going on throughout the record and I love it."


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