It's Not You

Album: Halestorm (2009)


  • This is the second single from the self-titled debut album from the hard rock band Halestorm.
  • The song's music video features the Jersey Girl Roller Derby team. Frontwoman Lizzy Hale explained to Artist Direct where the concept came from: "It was kind of a fluke accident. When we were in California, my band mates actually went to a roller derby and they came back with rave reviews. Somebody at the label then said, 'The Jersey Girls are fans of the band, and they were suggesting that we do something together.' We all thought that sounded like a great time, and we tried it. It turned out so much better than any of us could've ever expected. We got the idea maybe a few days before we were set on shooting it [Laughs]. Nobody really knew what the plot was; we just all got in a room together. They did some acting and we got to skate around—voila, there's a video! We were flying by the seat of our pants."


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