The Silence


  • This gentle, acoustically based tune demonstrates a more vulnerable side of frontwoman Lzzy Hale. It finds the singer mixing her own personal memories with the idea of love outlasting the pyramids.

    Nothing will ever be
    Like when were seventeen
    The stars will rearrange
    The sun will fade away
    Everyone will change
    But we will still remain
    And outlast the pyramids
  • Though Halestorm have previously recorded dark love songs such as "Nothing To Do With Love" and "Love Bites (So Do I)" this is the closest to a romantic number the band have ever recorded. It's also the first time Lzzy Hale has opened up in song about her own experiences regarding matters of the heart. She told ABC Radio: "I kept a lot of things on 'The Silence' that are just small tidbits of my personal life that I've hinted at over the years with fans."

    "At this stage in my relationship with the people that follow us, I'm much more comfortable being myself and I think they deserve to be let in a little bit further," Hale added.
  • The song closes Halestorm's Vicious album. Originally they were going to do an 11 song record and end it with the title track, but it felt incomplete, so the band decided they would finish it with "The Silence."

    The group first came up with the music and the melody in around 2013, but had struggled to come up with an appropriate lyric. Guitarist Joe Hottinger recalled to Louder Sound:
    "Every time we tried it it wasn't right, but in the middle of this writing process I made a new demo of it, and Lzzy put a vocal down. The vocal you hear is actually from the demo, from the night she wrote it, and she killed it."
  • Lzzy Hale said "The Silence" is the song she'd like played at her funeral. The Halestorm frontwoman explained: "It's about saying to somebody that you always love them, even beyond the end of the world; that love never really goes away. I don't know if I did that consciously while I was writing it, but thinking about it now, it strikes me that this song is about love knowing no boundaries. After I'm gone, after this world goes away, and after everything changes, my love for my family and for everybody that I hold close will always continue and outlast time. Even beyond death."


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