Album: Halford IV — Made of Metal (2010)
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  • This is a track from Halford IV — Made of Metal, the fourth studio album by the heavy metal band Halford, the solo project of Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford.
  • This reflective love song was inspired by an incident when Halford's guitarist, co-writer and producer Roy Z, was downing coffee to stay awake after a late night. "Two hours later, we're working on a track and he turns to me and goes, 'Whoa, I have to stop and take a break. My heart's racing. I'm really freaking out here,' " Halford recalled to MTV News.
    Roy called 911 and an ambulance quickly arrived. "They took Roy out of the room and I sat alone in there for a little bit," Halford said. "Then this paramedic comes in and says, 'We want to take Roy to the hospital just to check him out and put him on an EKG.'"
    However rather than immediately rushing the producer to the hospital, the EMT turned to Halford and said, "Hang on, you're the Metal God!" Then, he left the room and returned with several other paramedics. "They took pictures. I signed autographs while Roy was just waiting," Halford said. "Then when they were done, they rolled Roy away and I'm just sitting there thinking, 'God, I can't believe this. My producer's going to die on me.'"
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