Album: Fine Line (2019)
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  • Here, Harry Styles channels a character who is fantasizing about his ideal girl. A married office worker, his daydreams liven up his humdrum existence.
  • Harry experimented with magic mushrooms during the recording of Fine Line. The former One Direction star admitted to Rolling Stone that he took the hallucinogenic drug at a LA recording studio and bit the end of his tongue off while under the influence. "She," which he wrote with his guitar sidekick Mitch Rowland, was penned while they were taking them.

    "We had no idea what we were doing," he recalled. "We forgot all about that track, then went back later and loved it. But Mitch had no idea what he did on guitar that night, so he had to learn it all over from the track."

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  • Mo from AlkmaarCan we a collectively aggree that this is the fantasy of a gay man wanting to be with an ideal woman that he keeps seeing in his head but can't find
  • Caleb Hernandez from Minnesota I thought this song was about porn.
  • Esskay from UkThere are a lot of theories among his fans (who are prone to theorizing!), but you must look at Fine Line as an album. This track sits after the section of a relationship falling apart (but before closure is obtained), and seems to me to be referring to an idealized partner who is and always will be out of reach, as relationships take work in practice and fantasy and reality do not line up. The She referred to doesn't exist in reality.
  • Hernah from PragueI think She is a beautiful song and while- I see that she is/can be interpreted about his repressed sexuality.. I think She is about someone Harry longs for. The slow and prolonged mellow and yet dreamy tune says there’s a strong desire for something he’s never had. The solo is simply the beauty of She. Perhaps she is a part of him, and that’s why he feels like sailing away- to find that part of himself that begs to be free. She is perhaps my favorite and I called track 8 before titles were released. I made a good choice!
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