Ohio Is For Lovers

Album: The Silence In Black And White (2005)
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  • During the recording session everyone in the band was arguing with their girlfriends about the same thing: They weren't in Ohio with them. They wrote the song solely in tribute to their girlfriends because they knew they would be putting them through a lot in the next year. Lead singer JT Woodruff explained to Alternative Press: "There were a couple of tense moments in the studio because this was our first time away from home, away from our friends and family [and] our girlfriends. It was the first time [for us] to try and find our place in the traveling scene of music. We were trying to find out how to record at a real recording studio. The song was about tension amongst us and specifically about conversations I was having about how hard this can be." >>
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    Melissa - Toledo, OH
  • Woodruff explained why he switches from addressing "you" in the first verse to "she" in the second verse. "The second verse refers to me thinking to myself," he said. "One is me having a conversation, where the other one is more in my head."
  • The song is considered an Emo anthem for its dark lyrical content but there was some backlash over the line, "So cut my wrists and black my eyes." Woodruff told The Associated Press: "Obviously, it's a metaphor. It's supposed to be dramatic for the moment that's happening. It's about heartache and not being able to go to sleep and having so much on your mind it's keeping you up at night."
  • The Shane Drake directed music video features footage of the band performing in an old building with Woodruff singing into a hanging microphone as they didn't have a mike stand. He recalled to Alternative Press: "Everyone comes up and is like, 'How cool is it that you guys hung that from the rafters?' It was out of necessity, not because we wanted to."

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  • Nathan from Dayton, Ohi love this song its just so cool and personal(mostly cuz im from ohio)
  • Katie from Port Angeles, WaWhy do people come on here to bash this song? Its not like they were forced to come onto this page in the first place...its dumb.

    And old flame of mine got me really into Hawthorne Heights...he lived in Tenino, and so I would sing to him

    "I can't make it on my own, cause my heart is in Tenino!" It was rad. =]
  • Morgan from Hampton, NjI love Hawthorne Heights. Especially this song. But after Casey died I haven't been listening because theyre too mellow for me now. This song has always been one of my all time favorites and words cant describe how amazing it is.
  • Paige from West Lafayette, Inlove this song so much... and people are like i hate this band because theyre too emo..... emo? does it matter?who cares of some peoples life aernt perfect like others.... i like this band cus it really captures the truth of life: life sucks......
    deal with it
  • Mary from Ewing, Nji could not stop listening to this song when it first came out! now i listen to it to bring back the memoires and i love it
  • Chloe from Michigan, Mii love this song.
    he he sort of like, the emo theme song :)
    ...cut my wrists, black my eyes, so i can fall asleep tonight, or die..
  • Paige from Mantua, Nji never even listened to Hawthorn Heights i just never got into them but i can say i really like this song.
  • Kylie from Tampa Bay, FlThis song is about love, and its just put into a gnarly backround with awesome music from one of the best bands of all time.. and its not really HOW the bad plays, its WHAT they play..almost all of hawthorne heights's music has a message in the lyrics, and if you really listen to them, you can get the message, and understand what they are trying to say, and not just underestamate them bc you like some other genre of music..and theres nothing wrong with that.
  • Claire from Las Vegas, NvThe thing that I like about Hawthorne Heights and this song is that they're really not afraid to confront their problems and emotions upfront. I'm not emo or anything, and this isn't my favorite band, but it's not the worst song I've ever heard.
  • J from Jackson, GaThis song is quite emo, no?
  • Ange from Boone, CoI absolutely love ohio is for lovers. Some people don't because they don't relize what the song is truly about. This song is my fav in the world, and I could listen to it over and over and over again, and never get tired of it. I love it so much!!!!! I'm also in love w/Hawthorne Heights. If you don't love this song, your insanely crazy!!!!! It rocks!!!!
  • Winter from Niceville, FlThe thing is...is that you negetive ppl who only wanna put this band down is that
    1. You haven't taken the time to listen to this music...You probably heard the first few seconds of it and said "this is crap"
    Which, by the way, is not true..This song is very powerful and just because it's a little different from all the other pop crap you hear on the radio...you all assume that its no good.
    And the second thing i wanna mention is that ALL BANDS WRITE ABOUT HEARTACHE AND BREAKUPS..
    You cannot possibly tell me ONE single band that does not have one song that is not about a lose in love or a hookup that grew into a strong passionate love...or whatever.
    Love has got to be the number one song topic EVER..
    So DO NOT sit there and say that this band is too "whiney" and all they write about is love and heartache.
    +if you dont like this band then plz dont ruin it with ur retarded meaningless comments..
    This band has a lot of potiential..
    +its my absolute fav band in the world :]
  • Justin from Albany, Nywell... i was lookin for the song ohio by crosby stills nash and young and i came upon this one too. My gf had made me listen to this song in her car once and i almost went insane. umm...i rly rly dont like this song...i mean its ok if you guys like it of course, music is not supposed 2 b something you should impose on other people. Their is no real definition of good music. it all depends on the person. Unfortunately im not a real big fan of music past the 90s. Even bands like nirvana r kinda a stretch for me. Just wanna throw this out there that there are some great old bands that if you haven't checked out you should immediately. Bands like: led zeppelin (my personal fav), cream, the who, the beatles, van halen, pantera, lynyrd skynyrd, yeah u get the point. So if you get the chance anyone who hasnt checked these guys out and doesnt no who they r should probably listen as soon as possible. bands lke the ones mentioned above are really artists who defined and shaped the rock of today. And on songfacts wut song is always on the top ten viewed list? stairway to heaven by led zeppelin the most famous rock song of all time. Anyway so i think i will reiterate wut tim said earlier but in a less intense manner, check out the bands like the who, eric clapton, the beatles, and so on. BUT...you should like wut you like, dont let ne person change that. If you like this song then listen, if you dont then dont, still it is good 2 keep an open mind ya no?
  • Cameron from Seward,pa, PaI dont know what the big deal is with Hawthorne Height all bands write about emotions
  • Matt from Lewisporte, CanadaAll I have to say is this song is so importent to me I just love that's all I can say there are no other words that are good enough to describe how killer this song is just LOVE IT!
  • Helene from Staten Island,ny, United Stateslyzz you said it! anybody that wastes their time on talking about how a song or band is gay is gay themselves.if youre goona just waste your time on talking abotu a band or song you dont like and post stupid comments on it that just makes you gay as much as you think the band or song is gay.
  • Lyzz from Kyle, Txi think yall are insane. (the ones that dont like this song) ...you obviously have never herd of the word 'feelings'..or 'emotions'...these guys write what they feel...and at that particular time..it was loss...sorrow...and if you cant accept that...then why the hell are you looking up HH songs?
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhThis song is so true. I am from Ohio and Ohio really is for lovers!
  • Justin from Mattoon, Ilits not about the music for all the people who dont like it, its about the message it gives.
  • Sara from St. Augustine, FlMy heart is in Ohio too! I was born in Cincy.

    Love this song!
  • Tom from Mendon, MaI firmly believe that this song best illustrates the true problem with the music industry. Bands such as this can become sucessful based on the image they have without their music being a priority. I mean lets think about this: all of their songs are about their heartbreak, all the music itself is lame and trite and their fanbase consists of 13-15 year old girls. I think its funny that someone says that since i dont like this song i have bad taste in music. Anybody who likes this song hasn't the faintest idea of what music is.
  • Jessica from Bay City, Mii heart hawthorne heights. I have the "silence in b&w" cd, and i own a shirt that is hawthorne heights...they effing rock hard core.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI saw Hawthorne Heights at the Black Clouds and Underdogs Tour and they rocked. They warmed up the croud for All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy. They really got the crowd pumped up and the crowd went crazy when they started this song. They do not suck. They do have talent and write good lyrics. And if you hate Hawthorne Heights, Niki FM is a song made for you...the haters.
  • Tim from Dalton, Maif you wanna hear good music you should probably stay the hell away from this, try the beatles, the who, eric clapton, just about anything except Harthrowne Heights, this is the worst thing I ever heard in my life, I rather listen to polka bands
  • Darren from Mission, CanadaThis song really is that terrible. Every Hawthorne Heights song is based around the EXACT same chord progression. They're going to die out in about 2 years, same with all the other "hXc" bands.
  • Sam from Le Sueur, MnThis song is so awesome...I just started listenin 2 em and i already think they r one of the best bands rite now.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song soo much. It is so sweet that they made a song for their girlfriends. It rocks!
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