Ain't It Different
by Headie One (featuring AJ Tracey & Stormzy)

Album: Edna (2020)
Charted: 3


  • Here, Headie One links up with fellow heavy hitters AJ Tracey and Stormzy for an all-star collaboration. The trio of artists take it in turns to explain why things are "different."

    For Headie One, he's now free, having completed his third stretch in prison. However, he can't visit his girl in LA because of his convictions.

    For AJ Tracey, after spending "10 years grindin," he's now reaping the fruits of his hard work: jewelry, luxury vehicles and a place in Dubai.

    For Stormzy, things are different, as unlike most rappers he doesn't "do threats," brag on social media, or wear excessive bling.
  • Fred and Toddla T's beat is also different for Headie One. Rather than rapping over his typical drill instrumentation, the production is more jaunty and trap-influenced. This is due in part to the sample of the guitar melody of "Pretty Little Ditty" from the 1989 Red Hot Chili Peppers album Mother's Milk (made famous ten years later by Crazy Town's hit "Butterfly").
  • The chorus is a sample of Lady Saw's vocals on M-Dubs' UK garage cut "Bump 'n' Grind." Released in 2000, the single reached #59 on the UK chart.
  • This is AJ Tracey's first collaboration with both artists. However, Stormzy previously worked with Headie One on his Heavy is the Head track "Audacity."
  • Fred has worked with Stormzy on several previous occasions, including his Ed Sheeran collaborations "Own It" and "Take Me Back To London." He also hooked up with Tracey before on his "West Ten" single and with Headie One on their collaborative mixtape GANG.


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