Oldest Story In The World

Album: Jupiter's Darling (2004)
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  • Ann Wilson: "I think people are frustrated with what's happening in this country and I was trying to tap into some of the frustration I was feeling about world events. For some of us, it's like deja vu... we've been through this before."
  • Nancy Wilson: "I like to think this song strikes a blow against the media culture that tries to spoon feed us into thinking that somehow the war is only happening on TV. We come form a Marine Corps family and we know war from the inside." >>
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    Shanny - Detroit, MI, for above 2
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  • Carson from Bellingham, WaThis is my favorite rocker on Jupiters Darling. As soon as it hits that chord progression like a fast u-turn at the bridge. Wow. I can't help but repeating this track at least once more when I'm grooving on this album. And that bent up string thing that Nancy does on the guitar like Zepplin 'Whole lotta love'. It just kills me, as in KILLER!
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, Scgreat song! let's you know that they've still got it after having not recorded in 12 years! it rocks1
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