Why'd You Have to Be So Good

Album: single release only (2012)
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  • This power ballad is Heidi Newfield's first single for Sidewalk Records after signing with the label in April 2012. The song was penned by Nashville songwriter Jeffrey Steele ("What Hurts The Most") and Jeremy Popoff, who is guitarist for the band Lit. Originally the song was first put "on hold" for Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, but when it came back up for grabs, Newfield jumped at the chance to record it. "I knew the moment I heard 'Why'd You Have To Be So Good,' that it was mine," said the country songstress. "It's one of those songs that said everything I've been feeling and it kinda gets right to it. It's about losing someone who has perhaps been a big impact on your life and given you faith in yourself. If you've ever lost anyone, it kinda hits you where you live."
  • Newfield debuted this on the inaugural Country Throwdown tour in 2010. "I literally see people weeping in the crowd," the singer said to The Boot regarding the fans' response to the tune. "They never heard this song before, but you know you are affecting them with it ... When you are playing brand new material for an audience and you see them respond to it, you know when it's working and when it's not."
  • Newfield spoke to Billboard magazine about the recording of the song. "I think it's great that we were able to keep the authenticity in the vocal and the track," she said. "My producer, Blake Chancey and I enjoyed cutting the single. It's not polished. It sounds a little unique on the radio. It's got a swooping steel guitar solo instead of a big rock solo. But it still has the energy and drive. It showcases a lot of different parts of my voice. I love songs like that where I can have some fun with it."


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