What Hurts The Most

Album: Me And My Gang (2006)
Charted: 6
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  • The message of this song: Don't wait to tell someone how you feel about them. Don't hold back your feelings. What hurts the most is losing someone because you didn't tell them how much you care.
  • "What Hurts The Most" was first recorded by the country singer Mark Wills and included on his 2003 album And the Crowd Goes Wild. In 2006, Rascal Flatts took the song to the top of the Country and Adult Contemporary charts and #6 on The Billboard Hot 100. Meanwhile, in the UK the song first became a hit when the former S Club 7 member Jo O'Meara covered it for her debut solo release, reaching #13. In 2007, the German Eurodance trio Cascada released another version, this time re-interpreting it, despite the heartbreak lyric, as an uptempo Europop song. Their version made #10 UK and #52 US, but prompted Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts to quip, "That's what hurt us the most."
  • "What Hurts The Most" was written by the international team of Jeffrey Steele and Steve Robson; Steele was based in Nashville and Robson is from Newcastle, England. Robson wrote the music and Steele added the lyric, but not until months later when he listened to the track and suddenly found inspiration.

    "The song was originally inspired by losing my father," he told Great American Country. "But I ended up changing the meaning and I made it more of a love song, to be more universal."
  • The first 12 Rascal Flatts singles all made the Hot 100, but none got past #21 until "What Hurts The Most," which rose to #6 in late April 2006 and also gave them their fifth Country chart-topper and first #1 on the Adult Contemporary chart - it was truly a crossover smash. In June, the Disney movie Cars was released, featuring their cover of "Life Is A Highway." That song drove even more fans their way and rose to #7 on the Hot 100.
  • Thanks in no small part to "What Hurts The Most," the Me And My Gang album - Rascal Flatts' fourth - went on to sell over 4 million copies and claimed three weeks at #1 in America. Along with the Dixie Chicks, Rascal Flatts were the biggest-selling country group of the '00s; their previous album, Feels Like Today, sold 5 million. This was a time when country was dominated by female artists, notably Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and a young upstart named Taylor Swift.
  • In 2007 this was awarded the BMI song of the year at the annual BMI Country Awards ceremony. In addition co-writer Jeffrey Steele was awarded the BMI Songwriter of the Year for this and other songs such as Rascal Flatts' "My Wish" and "Me and My Gang."

Comments: 71

  • Rohit Saini from Delhi, India Rascal Flatts is a legendary band and I love them so much. they're not a ordinary musicians. I also a big fan of Sir Jeffrey Steele I admire him
    basically I want to write something about the video, I've never seen this kinda video except like greenday's “wake me up when September ends" and Avril Lavigne's “im with you"_“when you're gone" and etc.
    but this video of “rascal flatts" i may say it's not the ordinary just like anyone else on the contrary it's a masterpiece of music and acting She did very beautifully her role and also that guy in the car
  • Troy from OklahomaI have been trying since I first saw this video to find out who the girl was. She deserved an Oscar and I am not kidding. She had tears welling up in my eyes before the song even started..then to see she was pregnant(which is what I think the conflict between her dad and boyfriend had been) and her final utterance of "I saw you." broke me. I hope that she has done other film/television roles but since I can't seem to find her name anywhere I don't know if she did.
  • Robert from Niagara Falls, CanadaI have not lost any to a traumatic experience, but I have lost loves as they walked away. I enjoy the chorus, it states the truth "What hurts the most
    Is being so close And having so much to say (much to say) And watching you walk away
    And never knowing What could've been". I have been close many times, but nothing positive came from them. There was so much I wanted to say, but it was too late.
    Then the last 2 lines "And not seeing that love in you Is what I was trying to do". My last friendship that ended in heartbreak for me, was just that, I never saw that love in her for me, but I was trying to see it. I love this version, and another acoustic cover version by another artist.
  • Sarah from Great Bend, Kansas, UsaI heard this song thought it was sad but good my mom cried because back in the day she loved a guy and he died in a car accident, after my best friend died in 2011 I heard this song and cried I loved them very much never told them until it was too late they were dying and didn't want to be with me even tho they loved me too, then I learned an exbf and old classmate died in a truck accident January 2017 I felt sad
  • Etaka Valenzuela from 209 Carver Street The first time I heard this song I was 7 months pregnant with my 10 year old son and I had went in labor early. My boyfriend was rushing to come see me from North Carolina and wrecked his truck and died from bleeding to death from his head. I never got to tell him goodbye or I love him. One month later this song came on the radio and I just cried. Every year around the anniversary of his death this song comes across the radio and I feel it is meant for me to hear it to let me know that he is my guardian angle.
  • Hanna from KansasThis song is amazing I love it:):) it does have a strong message I think.
  • Hayley from Coffs Harbour, AustraliaI absolutely love this song. Every time I hear it I cry. What I didn't know was that the clip to Here Comes Goodbye is a continuation of this one. They are both really powerful songs and I love Rascal Flatts. Amazing.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhOh, oh! And I just had a brainstorm. The reason she saw him was because she knew she was pregnant, and she knew her future was seeing him in their child. Wow. Powerful stuff.
  • Camille from Toronto, OhI love Rascal Flatts' distinctive sound. This video is filmed so beautifully. It adds to the the impact of the song. I love Songfacts often provides the video to each song. When the video was popular, I could never understand why the girl at the end says, "I saw you...I saw you." I just watched it now (2011) and figured it out. She asked her boyfriend what he saw in the future and he said "You." He asks her,"What do you see?" and she gets out of the truck without answering. After his death, she goes to the scene of the accident and replies, too late, "I saw you." Something additional I like about the song is that the singer says that even tho it's difficult, he still gets up every day and goes on with life.
  • Justin from Greenwood, Ini take this song is a girl leaving a guy and this is how he feels. he has so much to say and she wont listen to a thing. now he has to do eveything on his own and it hurts him everyday. if you have been married or lived with a partner and you guys split up you can deffently relate to this song.
  • Jade from Whitecourt, Absummer of 2009. i went to this camp for 1 month and fell head over heals for one of the supervisors which btw is only a few yrs older than me. i still have feelings for him and i think about him all the time. i regret not telling him how i felt that last day we were at camp. it still makes me very sad. i have all these unspoken words i wish i told him. i watched him walk away. just like the song says "never knowing what could have been" and "i would trade give away all the words that i saved in my heart that i have left unspoken" now he is apparently getting married and i'm sitting here lonely
  • Kathy'sclown from Denver, CoI'm not into country music. This song is alright.
    It reminds me of my ex and how after 20+ yrs, we
    still think about each other alot. He's married, I'm married but, we were so young and immature early on. Neither one could see the forest for the trees. Its best to get to the bottom of your relationship issues any time you can. That way your not hurting as much later and in your next relationship there will hopefully be 2 parties involved instead of 3. BTW, whether your male or female work on breaking up truthfully, tactfully and clear mindedly. You'll feel better and so, will the person your ending it with.
  • AnonymousThis song is AWESOME. i think that it describes having some one you love so close to you and never having the chance to tell them how much you lovd them. ita a really pretty song
  • Logan from Troy, MtI do believe that the message of the song is: don't hold back. If you love a person, tell them every chance you get, because one day they may not be there for you to tell them how you feel. If you are proud of your love w/ them scream it from the roof tops, don't bottle it all up inside.
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiavery ordinary band..... they don't have anything new in them..... i have no idea why ppl go crazy bout this band..... but anyway i guess this is a good song.... a nice touchy feel all along....
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxI love this song and I love Rascal Flatts!! They are too amazing for words!!
  • Brandi from Raleigh, Ncwell, im only 14 and my dad died last year and i have hade a hard life and this song reminds me of how the last word to my dad were very hurt full and i really wish i could say "i love you" and not have to say goodbye :(.....i think about all the mistakes i have made but that is the BIGGEST one so far...but i wont to find true love one dayy!
    <3 :)
  • Samantha from Belington, WvThis song definitely makes me cry.
    It reminds me of me & my ex.
    He died shortly after we broke up & there was DEFINITELY a lot I wanted to tell him.
    RIP Cody, I love & miss you. <|3
  • Ian from Durand, Ilthis song reminds me of my grandpa he died when i was 8 i first heard this song and realized i never said good bye one day i went over there and i was going to kiss him good bye before i left but i couldn't because he was sick he had lung cancer and now my grand getting to be like 80 and i never got to meet my grand parents on my dads side so when my grandma dies I'll have no grand parents
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtCraig from Houston; TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL!!! I am only 22 years old and I have already made the biggest mistake of my life by letting my soul mate get away...He is now married. Don't make the same mistake. Knowing that you tried and did everything you could is worth it! Regardless of how it ends.
  • Lexie from Fortuna, CaThat song has so many meanings and is by far one of the most touching songs. All i really can say to it is that if you really have so much locked inside you should just come out and say it because by the time you finally come out to do it it could be too late......This song has personally changed my life and my prospective on it because i used to just keep everything i felt from my first love ever and he just never knew....He's absolutely everything to me and i'm everything to him and im so happy that we tell eachother how much the other means to us becuase TRUST ME it's 100% worth it =')....I will love you Dakota Fontaine forever and always...I'm going to miss you so much I Love You <3
  • Craig from Houston, Txi don't listen to country much, but this song gets to me. i broke up with my girlfriend about a month ago. we dated for almost 2 years and i loved every damn momment of it. she had told me she was losing feelings for me. i felt like i had to end it, even though i still loved her. to this day i regret ending it. now she's off dating again with some guy that doesnt know how to treat her. i can't stand living without her. this song means so much to me b/c i want to tell her i still love her, and that i wanted to be with her forever, but i cant ... i love you chelsey ...
  • Natalie from Nottinghamshire, United KingdomAfter listening to this again, and seeing the other comments it's made me decide I want to tell this guy I love that I do. I will feel even worse than I do at the moment if I don't tell him how I'm feeling, even thought there may be a possibility he doesn't feel the same way.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtI can relate to this song so much right now. I just found out that the love of my life and my soul mate is getting married in a couple weeks. We used to date when we were 17 but we were both so young and naive and I broke his heart twice...Five years later (now) I have tried and tried to get him back and give me one more chance. Obviously no luck. I was so close and had SO much to say, but I just watched him walk away and he refused to talk to me ever since. I still love him so much and I have a feeling I always will. I broke down when I found out he is getting married. Moral of my story; Don't EVER take anything for granted and say EVERYTHING you need to say from the bottom of your heart. I love you Kale.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtI can relate to this song so much right now. I just found out that the love of my life and my soul mate is getting married in a couple weeks. We used to date when we were 17 but we were both so young and naive and I broke his heart twice...Five years later (now) I have tried and tried to get him back and give me one more chance. Obviously no luck. I was so close and had SO much to say, but I just watched him walk away and he refused to talk to me ever since. I still love him so much and I have a feeling I always will. I broke down when I found out he is getting married. Moral of my story; Don't EVER take anything for granted and say EVERYTHING you need to say from the bottom of your heart. I love you Kale.
  • Aaron from Bennettsville, Scit hurts me to listen to this song...i recently had a person walk out of my life that i didnt know i loved so much until they were gone...everytime i hear this song i remember her and how i didnt tell her how i felt when i had the chance, so i think the songs about holdin out on your feelings when you should have spilled your guts
  • Landon from Winchester, OhI don't know what to say. This song is so emotional and so touching. I don't know what kind of feedback I could give.
  • Danni from East Meadow, NyMy best friend showed me this song. =] It upset me the first time, but whenever I listen to it I start to tear. My best friend was at one point my love, I really loved him and he at one point told me he hated me and never wanted to talk to me again..all cause he couldnt love me..But he came back several months later apologizing about it. =[ We never got together, but I didnt really love him that much, he's just a good friend now.

    My older brother however..(NOT bloodrelated) was at one point a crush of mine, but he was gay. I was in love with him but I never told him..and about a year ago today, he commited suicide..and he never knew I at one point loved him.. I feel like we were meant to be but...now that he's gone, I just call him my big brother..even though thats weird, its all he can be to me.
  • Brianna from Naples, FlThis song made me cry the first time I heard it because my boyfriend was really sick with cancer. Now that I've lost him, I can't even stand to listen to it. But beautiful song. They're amazing in concert!
  • Dave Brown from Brisbane, AustraliaThe girl in the film clip is obviously pregnant - notice the shot specifically zooms in on her grasping her stomach after throwing up & Mum sitting outside. Then another shows her swapping from racing out of the house wanting to say something to the young dad driving away then swaps to her in the future running after him really wanting to tell him she's pregnant as he drives away to his ultimate demise. excellent work in song relating to the video. And the young girl is the star. Will go down as one of the best
  • Lil from Houston, Txi really like this song by cascada, i dont know the version by rascal flatts. but i love this song a lot. where did u guys get the whole pregnant thing??
  • Morgan from Atlanta, Gai think that if you dont like a group/singer/song dont look it up and certainly dont post a commet about it.
  • Mark from Byrdstown, Tnwhat a crap group.The lead singer has no range to his voice,every song sounds the same.This putrid group sums up exactly what is wrong with todays so called 'country music'.
  • Chris from Claremont, CaThe song means EXACTLY what i thought it meant, about trying to tell someone something you want or need to yet sometimes you cant through no fault of your own
  • Kevin from Tvhs, Wvi like the song and i wish i could come to one of your all conserts and it is alot of fun
  • Brittany from Scottdale, Pai love this song.. it has lots of meaning to it everytime i hear it i think of losing my b/f adn i cant imange life without him..so i am so sorry for anyone who has lost someone who is close to them
  • Karie from Jacksonville, FlThis song reminds me of my ex bf and I when we broke up it makes me reflect on our relationship to me the song describes a girl who gives her whole heart to this guy the father don't like the boy runs him off and he dies and she is torn about it well that hurts describing that
  • Jess from Harrisburg, PaI love this song so much! But it makes me so sad to listen to it cause i just moved far away from the one i love and i miss him a lot. <3
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia), MiLoving Rascal Flatts right now...they have amazing vocals, and beats, they are simply amazing...
  • Katie-lynn from Timmins, MtOMG!! i love this song,, i swear i almost cried by reading all of those comments!! (so touching)! This song is AMAZING!!, like i guess i could relate to this song!, but this song is also an amazign song to sing to. I rememeber the first time i listened to this song, i swear i like fell in LOVE with this song, it's soo sad it makes me want to cry especially the music video!
    Anyway to me this song is about telling someone how you feel towards them before it's too late, because in a blink of an eye that person could be gone,, or out of your life.
    Even if you are shy or scared or nervous or whatever the feeling is, tell that person because everything could change once that person knows how you feel and also think about how that person should have the right to know,
    Hurry before it's too late! <3
  • Angellica from Weatherly, Pai have falling in love with this song becasue when i was 8, i fell in love adn he left me with 3 last words, I HATE YOU. and that killed em but when i herd this song, i found him finally, after 7 years, adn tol dhim how i feel, and it turns out he feel the same way! this song helped me throguh love!
  • Joni from Bowling Green, KyI love this song so much it reminds me of my friend Katie. She left about a year ago and i really didn't tell her how i felt i was so sad b/c she was really the only person i could tell anything to.But as soon as i heard this song she called me yhat same day and i told her about it and made me realize haw much i love her and miss her!!! I never again will fail to tell someone how i feel b/c you never know what will happend
  • Ashley from Buffalo, NyI love this song. It made me cry because the day before my grandma died I forgot to say goodbye to her because I thought she was going to be fine and be there tomorrow. The next day when I woke up my dad told me that she died.
  • Alyssa from Boring, Nhi really agree w/ the meaning i mean my bf just left me n we arnt talking anymore n now i really cant tell him how much i love him n care about him. i wish i had that chance to tell him
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia), MiAMAZING...but that is what you get when you listen to all their songs!!!
  • Heather from Woodbine, Mdokay what I learned from the song is to show how you feel. But what if you have unrequitted love(where you love someone and they don't have the same feelings/ you love someone and are too afraid to tell them)? Then what? Should you still tell them?
  • Laura from Hurt, Vathis song is wonderful!!!! Rascal Flatts songs is one thing that brought me and my boyfriend together. Me and Clay teegarden fit together perfectly!!!! we both know if hopefult not but if we break up this is {at least} one of the songs we will cry over!!! the music just flows us together perfectly.
  • Sarah from Tallahassee, Flthis song is so sad but it really is a good song.....so yeah I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!<3
  • Stb from South Lyon, MiI love this song. It truly makes you think about your everyday life. After hearing it, I promised myself I would start telling my friends how much I really need them. I'm doing better so far. I just hope I can finish off with telling the guy I love, that I love him.
  • Katherine from Akron, OhI think this song is awesome. i don't like country that much but I make an exception for this song. It keeps me and my best friend close even though she is 45 minutes away and it reminds me to always tell her how much she means to me.
  • Shey Jr from Hamburg, PaI love this song. When I first heard it I thought it was beautiful. I listened to the words very carefully and thought to myself that I am so grateful for what and who I had in my life. I was so grateful for always being so open and honest and being able to tell my fiance all my feelings and secrets. He was usuallly the first to know about everything. Until one day. I went to my OBGYN and he told me I was pregnant. The minute I got out of the office I called his cell but no answer. I got home and recieved the most devastating news I had heard in a really long time. My fiance had been in a horrific car accident. They had him in surgery for over 15 hours. It was too late then, because he had suffered from minor brain damage. I had our daughter last December. To this day, her daddy is still in a coma. I cry almost every night wondering if he'll ever wake up long enough to see her.
  • Ed from L.a., Cajust for the record ,the video has nothing to do with the actual song story ,its just an interpretation .thats what is so cool about it everyone gets a different message from it ! if you knew the story behind the lyric you would be blown away . it was written by a guy named jeffrey steele who has written many songs for rascal flatts as well as others like tim mcgraw faith hill etc .think he also wrote the my wish song and these days for rascal flatts ,
  • Marko from Hollywood, Flthis song is a really good song. i had a girlfriend a few months ago that i really loved, but wasnt good to her. my ego was so high that i thought she would never break up with me, but then one day came and she broke my heart. ive been waiting for her for 5 months and she tells me i can have another chance to show her that i really love her. this song describes me very well.
  • Natasha from Searcy , Arthis song means alot to me.because just last year i lost the one guy that meant everything to me. we grew up together. just last year we started really talking about going and to start dating but he ended up dying. he die from drug overdose the same morning he called asked me to skip school because he was suppended. only if i would have told him how i really felt and would have went with him that day he would probly still be alive to this day i regret not tellin him how i felt and not being there to stop him that day.
  • Devin from Guy, Arthis song made me realize that i didn't tell my girlfriend how i really felt about her as much as i should have. but now she knows
  • Mary from Tuscola, Ili love this song. my best friend died in a car wreck 4 months ago and this song was played at her funeral. it's a good song and it has alot of meaning to me,every time i hear this song i think of my best friend carie, god bless her, this is a wonderful song, i love to listeb to it but at the same time it makes me sad.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, Njits okay. i don't think its an amazing song. i've heard better
  • Courtney from Cedar Rapids, IaThis song is my therapy song. I absolutely love it and cry everytime I hear it. But then I feel better when its over
  • Ariana from Dallas, Txthis is my FAVORITE song of all time!! i cried when i saw the video... what i got from this song is that you should tell the one person that means the world to you how you really feel because you never know when that person could just leave your life forever and you never told him/her how you really felt... i can relate(kinda)
  • Jessie Ann from Purchase, NyMy country guilty pleasure. love 'em. this song is nice.
  • Carrie from North East, MdI know how this song is... I know exactly what he's talking about in the song. I have definatly been there. Its great!!!
  • Tracey from Kingston, CanadaI love this song and i love how they blend in the music video with it too. I love it becasue it realtes to me and i also like how it relatesto reallife.
  • Liz from Somewhere, IlOk, so I DEFINATELY love this song! And when I saw the video I cried. (It's a great song to cry to if you've just been through a break-up, too.) I hadn't really thought of the pregnancy thing, but whoever did thumbs up on that one!
  • Garrett from Nashville, TnWritten by Jeffrey Steele, an outstanding artist in his own right.
  • Erin from Lancaster, OhI think this song is about how much it hurts living with the regret of not telling someone something before it's too late. In this case, at least what i get from the video, is a girl is about to tell her boyfriend she's pregnant but for some reason doesn't. He dies before she ever gets the chance to tell him.
  • Lacey from Warrenton, Vayeah the same thing just happen to me. Monday my boyfriend and I were talking about my preganacy. We were supposed to talk more about but I had to go to school. The next day he was killed in a car crash. Everyone told me not to see the video but I had to anyway.
  • Whitney from Little Rock, ArThis song is abou a girl and a guy madly in love, the dad doesnt like him n runs him off, he has a wreck n dies, the girl is being depressed when she throws up.I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • J. D. from Garland, TxI think this song is about a girl who gets pregnant and like right after she tells her boyfriend he gets into an accident and is killed and how much the girl loves and misses him
  • Steven from Anderson, CaWhat i get from this song:

    The girl gets pregnant ( i guessed this from the scene where she's throwing up), the dad finds out, tells the guy to just leave and/or chases him off and he crashes being in fury.

    i was in this situation...but my girlfrend's dad just found out we were having sex and he chased me off...but i didn't die though
  • June from Cedar City, UtI love this song and I have a personal connection with it so it makes me think of the person I have lost everytime I listen to it.
  • Tori from Muncie, Injust kidding i love it!!!! lol
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