Cross to Bier (Cradle of Bones)

Album: Blood for Blood (2014)


  • Hellyeah lead singer Chad Gray wrote the lyrics to this metal monster about the feeling of being judged. In our interview with Gray, he explained: "As an artist in this day and age where everybody's got something to say, because of the anonymity, they aren't the nicest things that people can say. And everybody wants a little something from you and everybody's got their hand in your wallet. It's like, Do I get anything? You want to hang me up and crucify me and judge me. In the end, it's like, 'F--k it. Tear me off my cross to bier. Put me in my coffin so cold.'"
  • A "bier" is a platform used for transporting a coffin to a gravesite or other ceremony. The song has a double meaning in this sense, as the "bier" translation relates to the feeling that you have been stripped of life and are going to the grave. "Cross to Bear" is an expression meaning a heavy burden, which in this case is the constant criticism and judgment facilitated by social media and a layer of anonymity.


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