Album: Wonder (2017)
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  • This is the title track of Hillsong United's fifth album. Co-leader Joel Houston explained the story behind the song to Billboard magazine:

    "I was watching the news getting caught up in everything happening everywhere, the tragedy, the despair and sometimes we can get caught up in it all - and there's my son running around, just wanting to be Batman. I was challenged and inspired at the same time: When did we lose the 'wonder?'

    It also ties in to the above thoughts and themes. In our church environment we are challenged to have childlike faith - and that comes back to the nostalgic moments; they feel good, they take us back when everything was 'wonder.'"
  • The song is also the opening track of the Wonder album. Houston said: "As for it being the title and first track, it felt right: We still love the idea of a full album, 12 tracks fitting together in harmony, telling a story. 'Wonder,' the song, is Act One."
  • "Wonder" was also released as the lead single from the collection. Houston explained: "There are always differing opinions on which song should be a single - we went with 'Wonder,' as that sets up the theme of the album. It wasn't as intentional as it may seem, but more where it fit for us in the album. We feel that different songs will resonate with different people - and that is fine."
  • The song was debuted live during Hillsong United's concert in Caeserea, Israel. The gig was filmed in a live video and released on May 24, 2017.


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