Gone With The Sin
by HIM

Album: Razorblade Romance (1999)


  • A track from the Finnish band HIM's second album, this one finds lead singer Ville Valo describing his affection for a girl who is filled with anguish. He sings about her looks, as well as the deep despair that engulfs her heart. He loves her as she is just like him - so lost in this world of pain, suffering and tormented. The title is a play on the classic novel, Gone With The Wind.
  • This is one of HIM's more popular songs, going to #1 in Finland. Ville Valo tells us that the song was composed once they had the album essentially completed, which is a fruitful time for the band since they suddenly find themselves more relaxed. "Once all that stuff is out of your system - meaning recorded and produced - then all of a sudden you feel a breath of fresh air, this sense of relief," he said. "These days when we're booking studio time, I like to leave an extra week at the very end in case we have some ridiculously good idea that we still want to try out."

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  • Little Kitten from Wisconsin Rapids WisconsinVile valo if you ever want to be loved honored and obeyed you look me up
  • Shelley from IranEveryone gets a different idea about a song.. mine is this.. I think this song is so sick.. cause it seems like he is torturing his lover for her sin and he is taking her life while he still adores her and loves like.. she could be betraying him and now he is giving her what she deserves and he is still adoring how beautiful she is and how beautifully she is dying.. beautiful song❤
  • Eqnox2 from Klaipėda, LithuaniaIn my opinion, this song is about suicide. He is glorifying the death. Just read the lyrics:
    I love your skin oh so white
    I love your touch cold as ice
    And I love every single tear you cry
    I just love the way you're losing your life
    Ohohohohoh my Baby, how beautiful you are
    Ohohohohoh my Darling, completely torn apart
    You're gone with the sin my Baby and beautiful you are
    So gone with the sin my Darling
    He sees death as the only way out and that's why he thinks it's so nice and beautiful. And also, when you commit suicide it's considered as a sin. So I guess that's what "Gone with the sin" means.
  • Morgan from E.sussex, United KingdomIn a recent interview Ville Valo Himself said that Gone With the Sin is very personal and is to do with himself and a girl loving each other but there was a difficultly - he didn't explain any deeper- and we should value his privacy on that - The song is stunning and beautiful an and like all HIM songs has it's own deep meaning.
    Also Ville said in an older interview - I hazily recall - that everyone interprets a song differently. A song about lost love to him could mean something else to another as well.
  • Musicfreakk. from Thunder Bay, Onan Amazing song.
  • Alexandria from Fall River, MaWell, I think that this song is very much about a past loved one. This love clearly broke Ville Valo's heart while perhaps being on the verge of suicide herself. Also, this song was on both Greatest Love Songs, Vol. 666 first and then again on Razorblade Romance as the song went along with the theme of the album. This theme, as Valo has said is about a girl that had hurt him yet again. This I believe is Jonna, his former fiancee (maybe she still is I don't quite know anymore), but he is still very much in love with her and I continue to believe that it was all about her insecurities and thoughts of suicide from severe depression from the happiness that she could be feeling with Valo. This leaves him (Valo) upset and therefore writing music to help relieve the pain and sorrow of her betrayal. The sin in this song, if I am correct, is suicide and she is almost gone from the land of the living as she drains her life slowly of the joy that could be if she tried working things out with Valo. So, there could be the meaning to this song, GONE WITH THE SIN. Also, in interviews, Ville Valo can almost not be believed as for many things, he makes it up. Love him, the band, and the music, but seriously, he'll say something random and silly if you ask him the meaning of the band's name "HIM." Just because in the past it has been His Infernal Majesty, it doesn't seem to fit anymore. The name HIMis what really sticks and in their native Finland, the people cannot pronounce His Infernal Majesty so HIM it is.
    -Alex, Fall River, Massachusetts, United States
  • Whatever from Halden, Norwaythis song was on razorblade romance and was released on 2000, no grestest love songs vol 666
    - dan, albany, NY

    Tell me something we dont know....
  • Terra from Morris, United StatesThis is one where on the tombstone it has Jack Daniels on it, but it's covered by moss so it's hard to see.
  • Chris from Athens, GreeceI cannot be about an "unknown loved one" because she's GONE with the sin. It must be an ex or sth. Anyway the song rocks!!
  • Kimberley from Central Coast, Nsw, AustraliaVille said in an interview that it was about an ex girlfriend who was suffering from anorexia
  • Syaed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysiahe used to love her but have to kill her..hehehe
  • Poison from Ireland, Irelandi think this is a song about how ville loves a girl,every bit of her,even her sin.
  • Miss Spookiness from Saarbrücken, Germanyis is NOT punk rock him is LOVE METAL ^^
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtHIM is punk rock? Wow.
  • Dan from Albany, Nythis song was on razorblade romance and was released on 2000, no grestest love songs vol 666
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