Join Me In Death
by HIM

Album: Razorblade Romance (1999)


  • This song is often interpreted as a couple who love each other and want to escape the world by both of them committing suicide so they can be with each other forever. A more accurate meaning is the singer, Ville Valo, asking the love of his life if she would give it all up for love, and if she would commit suicide for love. the song is based on Romeo And Juliet. >>
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    Kim - East Longmeadow, MA
  • HIM worked this song out in live performances long before they recorded it, which is something they couldn't do a decade later. Ville Valo told us:The actual writing of the song took like 15 minutes, but then arranging it took two and a half years.

    That was a time when there were no iPhones, so nobody was bootlegging gigs all the time. We were actually able to play that song 100 times live to see what the right things and the wrong things with the arrangement were, and that the tempo and the key for the song is correct, just by following how people's hips were moving to the song. It's like being a songwriter in a very Las Vegas style. You just have to trust your instincts and that gut feeling."

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  • Kevin from Thompson, CtFirst time I heard this was from Gregorian Masters of Chant. I looked up HIM and listened to the original. I liked the original just as much. Gregorian remade thee Song for 2020 on the album 20/2020.
  • Christian Cage from Kitchner, OnThis song could have been in Twilight. Yet another theme for Bella and Edward.
  • Emily from Waukesha, WiOhmigod, I loooooove this song! The first time I heards it, I thought "Romeo and Juliet". It's so pretty.
  • Treydogggg from Dallas, Txthere is a direct relationship between this song and the tragedy of romeo and juliet,, i actually recall seeing a interview where ville said that, so to every1 who doesnt understand,, this song is not telling you to kill yourself and if you could not interpret that you should not be sayin you know what the song is about
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, Alyea for all the people saying it's not about accually killing themselves i agree. i think it's saying that for it to be true love you'd be willing to do anything for them no matter what it is & that it's a test of love. BARD from sydney: big deal bam's in a few vids. he's not in the band. & HIM is good enough to not need someone famous to be in their vids just to get attention.
  • Alex from Mansfield, Ohand david your a dumbass Dont fear the Reaper is not talking about commiting suicide it, talks about not fearing death in general
  • Alex from Mansfield, Ohi think thier singer should commit suicide so he can save earth from his band writing more music
  • Joinmeindeath from Patterson, Cawow. a lot of you people are really closed-minded and just look directly at the lyrics instead of trying to interpret what it means(reading in between the lines) and if you really are dumb enough to kill yourself.. then you deserve to be dead!
  • Erik from Brownwood , Txit might not be about death this is my fav. HIM song. (the strongroom mix) i think it is about asking the one he loves if she will consider taking her life to be with him for ever. its more of a test of love. not just kill your self so we can write a rock song.
  • Jack from Auckland, New Zealandi think its pathetic how most people only learn about HIM through bam, i mean ok the join me lyrics are at the start of haggard, my favourite film, but its my favourite because of the HIM music in it, i belive i am privladged to have learnt about HIM long before Haggard came out, and with that. bam margera appeared
  • Whatever from Halden, NorwayI love the song, but it can get you depressed... When the line "this life aint worth living" gets stuck on your brain, that can make you depressed...
  • Lee from Brigg, EnglandAWSUM
  • Otto from Lahti, Finlandthe band is great and of course from Finland!
  • Mer from Mount Gambier, Australiaville valo is the best...
  • Matthew from Blackpool, EnglandActually, david, HIM did do a version of Don't Fear the Reaper. Much better than the Blue oyster Cult version in my opinion ^^
  • Judith from Long Beach, Cathis song is not about death. it depends on how people look at it.
  • Love And Death 666 from Columbia, TnThe song itself is actualy not about commiting suicide for love.It is about commiting comepletely to love.
  • Miss Spookiness from Saarbrücken, Germanyville said that if he talks about dead ,the meaning is not to die but he wanted to say
    dead=end of al realationship ...
    sorry if i'm wrong
    i read it somewhere
  • Haley from Los Angeles, CaVille Valo is my HERO
  • Dan from Santa Clarita, Camy question for you all is, who are you talking to? i havent heard anyone say that the song is "telling you to kill yourself" not a single person... upon the note of romeo and juliet...
    Ville made a note during his performance that he wants to make sure you dont have it coinside with the romeo and juliet staring that guy in the titanic. i apologize for not knowing his name, but i dont pay attention to movies too much. just music
  • David from San Francisco, Ca#1, the song isnt telling you to kill yourself. Like Melissa said, its trying to express how far someone would go for someone they love. Have you ever heard the song "Dont Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult? Now there is a song that is talking about how much happier you would be if you killed yourself, if you take it literally, like you are doing with "Join Me". #2, Bands like In Flames, Cradle of Filth, and Dimmu Borgir are metal. I dont think that Ville has a voice suited for metal...
  • Amore from Chicago, IlTHere is depth to HIM's songs have you not heard their song Rip out the Wings of a Butterfly, or Bury Me Deep inside your heart, the path, etc etc

    Anyway I like this song and the video is really cool but not my favourite HIM song I personally like The Path, You are the One, and In Joy and in Sorrow
  • Jesse from Fullerton, Caok, Ville is saying that he wants to be with that girl until they die and will be ready when it comes, cause it could be anytime. and he wants to die with her
  • Melissa from Casper, WyThis song was thought about in the wrong way by many, such as a suicidle message convincing you to take your own life, but the song is really about if you love someone how far would you go to be with them. This song shows that love is a very powerfull thing. The Romeo and Juliet type theme. Join Me In Death is yet another one of Ville's great hits!
  • Ryan from El Paso, TxThere's more to it, while they want to be together forever there is hesitation. When Valo wrote Razorblade Romance, he was undergoing massive heartache from a past love. They vowed to be together forever (atleast that is popular opinion). One is trying to convince the other to join them in death.
  • Amber from Birmingham, Alit is a great video and a good message i don't think i would do that though
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