Dove and Grenade

Album: Desperate Measures (2009)
  • This is the opening track from rap metal act Hollywood Undead's CD/DVD Desperate Measures.
  • Keyboardist J-Dog told Artist Direct about the song: "It's a f--king cool song! That's (producer) Danny Lohner right there. It sounds like a Nine Inch Nails song. Danny produced it and collaborated with us, and he definitely was a big influence on the track. It's a really heavy and in-your-face song. The instrumental on this song is amazing. I'd love to do more songs like it. If you listen to the lyrics, they come from the viewpoint of attacking something—people talking s--t or whatever you want to call it."
  • Desperate Measures includes three new songs, three covers, a remix of "Everywhere I Go", and six live versions of previously released tracks along with a DVD containing live performances. J-Dog explained to Artist Direct why they decided to bring the record out: "We really wanted to come out with some new material. Our album came out a year ago, and it's just fun to record new songs. We've been playing the same songs for a year straight, and it's nice to have new songs to play during the live set. We've been playing the same set for about a year, and it feels great to have some new material."
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  • Ric from St Louis, MoDoes anyone else realize that the music was taken directly from a Puscifer song? Undertaker from the soundtrack of Underworld 2?
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