Album: Blowin' the Blues Away (1959)
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  • This warm, luminous ballad was written by jazz pianist Horace Silver and recorded for his 1959 album, Blowin' the Blues Away. He recalled: "I was doodlin' around on the piano, and it just came to me, but I also had the impression that there was an angel standing over me, impressing my mind with this beautiful melody and harmony."
  • Norah Jones covered this on her 2001 EP First Sessions and 2016 album Day Breaks. She explained why she did her Day Breaks version to Jam! Music:

    "There's an electricity in the air and it's not a good electricity. It's a scary time right now. I said to my friend, 'You know the whole world is just f--king falling apart.' And he's like, 'The world has always been falling apart, you're just more aware of it right now.' And that's true too. I think with all the social media and all these 24-hour news channels, you're just ingesting it all day long. It's just like, 'Holy crap!' It IS too much but at the same time it's good to be informed."
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