Album: Yet to be titled (2019)
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  • In 2018 Hunter Hayes wrote "'One Shot' about a night he doesn't remember, but the festivities are all on Instagram. It was the first song that he'd written by himself in about five years. Right after penning "One Shot," Hayes had the idea to start journaling love songs to his future wife. This song, which takes an optimistic view of a breakup, was one of the fruits of his solo efforts.
  • The song came about after Hayes had the idea to see the bigger picture on what is normally a heartbreaking situation.

    "After a relationship ends, I think we all want to know that there is someone for us, but unfortunately, a lot of people have been led to believe that you're supposed to feel s---ty after a breakup," Hayes explained. "I want this song to turn that feeling around for people and remind them not to let someone walk out the door with your happiness and your self-worth."
  • On January 25, 2019, The song was released as Hunter Hayes' first radio single in three years ("Yesterday's Song" was the last one).

    "I remember the day I wrote 'Heartbreak,' I was relieved but also elated. I was on fire," Hayes said. "It was the same feeling I've had in the past with songs like 'I Want Crazy.' This song came about when during a time where, for the first time in five years, I was writing by myself."
  • Hunter Hayes wrote the song following his 2018 breakup with longtime girlfriend Libby Barnes. The singer-songwriter told People that he approached the lyrics like a love letter he was writing to a future love.

    "It was a combination of things - me really wanting to write to that person, but me also really wanting to just explain what I was going through on the search," he said.
  • Hayes penned the tune during a trip to Hawaii. He was literally sitting alongside the sea dreaming of his future life partner. "I sat on the edge of the ocean and wrote nearly two pages of lyrics that approached a love letter to someone I've never met," the singer said.
  • Hunter Hayes' 2019 Closer to You Tour takes its name from a line in "Heartbreak."

    "We talked about doing 'The Optimist Tour' because I feel like that's the spirit of the album," he told Stage Right Secrets but the theme of his next album "is a lot of transparency through transformation."

    Hayes added: "I felt like the Closer To You theme, I wanted that to be the thing that people thought about when they come in for the show when they're thinking about going to the show. I think a lot of fans have seen our show before, but this is a completely different time for me. I want to feel more connected to everybody."
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