Here Until Forever


  • Vocalist Anders Friden wrote this song for his eight-year-old son. He explained to FaceCulture:

    "I have this piece here, 'Come Clarity', which I wrote for my daughter when she was two. And he's seen that, and he asked all the time, 'Daddy, where's my song?' And I don't think I'd been ready to write something that would make him justice. But now… yeah, I was ready. So that one is, obviously, the most personal one, because it's very directed towards one person, for me. But I think the lyric is open for interpretation; it could be for anyone - someone that you love, or someone that you missed, or someone that you have a special bond with."
  • Asked what his son thinks of the song, Friden replied: "I think he cried the first time [he listened to it], 'cause he was so proud: 'This is about me.' And it's an important track, because we… You know, we are away [from each other] many months a year, and we have a little thing, me and him, for how we connect… If he feels sad and he wants to contact me, then we have a certain thing that I taught him to… so he feels safe."

    "I think he's super proud of that song," the in Flames frontman added. "And then he can tell his friends, 'This is my song.' Stuff like that."
  • The song is the closest track on Battles to being a ballad. Anders told Metal Hammer:

    "We did two slower tracks on the last album so we said, 'Let's do a slow song with an upbeat tempo', because the drums in the verse is really upbeat and energetic. I was having the live environment in my head already and thinking about having this big chorus that people could sing their heart out."


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