Album: Everybody (2009)


  • This campfire sing-along accompanied by a strummed ukulele, is the title track of New York based indie pop singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson's 4th studio album.
  • The album chronicles an intense and volatile relationship in which both lovers lose themselves within it and must disengage. Michaelson told Paste Magazine: "It's completely autobiographical, snapshots of my life." After pausing she added: "Beyoncé sings songs that aren't true or real. She had to employ an alter ego in Sasha Fierce. But I ain't got no Jay-Z in my life. I have veggie burritos. I'm just me on stage."
  • This song announces the record's simple truth: "Everybody needs to love / Everybody wants to be loved." Michaelson explained to Paste Magazine that so universal are these "matters of the heart," that they can't be claimed. Everybody is truly everybody's- hence the album title.


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