Dance Of Death

Album: Dance Of Death (2003)


  • This is the story of a man who journeys to Hell and dances with the dead. >>
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    Phil - Niagara Falls, Canada

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  • Lakis from Patra, GreeceOnce again Janick Gers showed to the people what a great composer he is!Brilliant!
  • Sourav Shivam from Mumbai, IndiaThe guitar that starts at end of 3rd minute is one of the most beautiful guitar...yaseen i think iron maiden is a far better band than metallica....They are GOD...I can tell many songs that metallica have copied...No hard feelings!!!!!!
  • Sibella from Pretoria, --On the Death On The Road CD he says 'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy' before the song starts. It's quoted from Hamlet when someone said it to Horatio.
  • Tarun from Dallas, TxMetallica who ????
    Come on.. Iron maiden is a much better band and influential than metallica.. I love listening metallica too.. but Iron Maiden is like the God of Heavy Metal.. and Metallica is thrash.. u shudnt even be comparing the two..
  • Ryan from Bethany, OkI love the guitars and the drums on this song! The lyrics are kick ass!
  • Will from Los Angeles, CaDitto on the voodoo...look at the cover of Dance of Death. lol
  • Tron from Boston, Mahe passes out drunk and dreams he is dancing with the dead
  • Yaseen from Mumbai, Indiai love this song...of the the best Iron Maiden songs...i think this song is about learnin to live life to the fullest. its very spiritual like the way it goes on about the spirit and mysterious being seems surreal. That's what makes it so good. awesome solo.....Iron Maiden r one of the best. only second to Metallica i'd say!!!
  • Lee from Brigg, Englandit kicks ass and is spiritual
  • Jordan from Bridgewater Nh, NhAbout oops typing fast
  • Jordan from Bridgewater Nh, Nhabout srry i was typing fast
  • Jordan from Bridgewater Nh, Nhi dont realy care what the hell this song is abuot it kicks the crap out of other bands
  • Sara from San Diego, Cai love this song it rocks!
  • Derek from Brooks, CanadaI agree with Simon, I say Voodoo because it happens in the Everglades and he talks about a trance.
  • Simon from AdelaideI don't believe that that fact is 100% right... I think the story is about a man whom is captured by cultists (voodoo types) and things that eventuate thereafter
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