Chicken Noodle Soup
by J-Hope (featuring Becky G)

Album: single release only (2019)
Charted: 81


  • "Chicken Noodle Soup" is a trilingual celebration of global diversity and culture. The song is performed by BTS member J-Hope with Latin pop singer Becky G; it is centered around American DJ Webstar, and Young B's 2006 dance song of the same title.
  • J-Hope raps his verse in Korean, during which he incorporates some of the original lyrics of "Chicken Noodle Soup" into a declaration of his hard work and dreams. He references "Geum-nam Chung-jang Street," a section of his hometown of Gwangju he calls his "Harlem." As DJ Websstar is from Harlem, this serves as shout-out to the American DJ.
  • Becky G performs her verses in both English and Spanish. The Californian singer has Mexican ancestry; she talks about her love for her Latin American heritage and declares her self-worth. She also incorporates some of the original "Chicken Noodle Soup" lyrics into her rhymes.
  • The anthemic, groovy song's intro, outro, chorus and bridge all interpolate the lyrics and melody from Webstar's "Chicken Noodle Soup." There is no particular meaning to the hook; it's just intended to be a sonically pleasing encouragement to get on the dance floor.
  • Both artists have cited the 2006 hip-hop track as a favorite childhood song. J. Hope said that it was learning the dance to the original "Chicken Noodle Soup" track that made him realize he had a passion for dancing.
  • J. Hope and Becky G are credited as composers on the track along with songwriter Adora, who works regularly with BTS and Brasa. The track was produced by the South Koreans Jinbo, Pdogg and Supreme Boi.
  • The song's music video features J-Hope and Becky G alongside a crew of around 50 dancers from across the globe. They all incorporate the original's iconic dance moves into their choreography.
  • When this song debuted at #81 on the Hot 100 dated October 12, 2019, J. Hope became the first member of BTS to land a solo Hot 100 hit away from the group.


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