Bubble Toes

Album: Brushfire Fairytales (2001)
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  • This song is titled after a cute nickname Johnson has for his wife. Johnson introduced this tune during a July 2010 concert in Hartford, Connecticut by saying, "I wrote this song when I was trying to get this girl one time." A few bars into the song, he leaned back into the microphone and added: "I ended up getting her, too."
  • Jack and his wife used to live in Santa Barbara, California, and they both went to the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). The part that goes "I was eating lunch at the DLG when this little girl came and she sat next to me" refers to the De La Guerra dinning hall at UCSB. Apparently Mrs. Johnson was there and some guy she didn't like was trying to hook up with her. She sat down next to Jack so it would look like she was taken. >>
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  • In a Rolling Stone interview, Johnson said: "A song like 'Bubble Toes,' I don't know if I would've written that song knowing a million people were gonna hear it," Johnson says. "It was like a joke to my wife around the house, and then a couple of friends liked it, and then people asked for it at shows." When his record sales reached 100,000, Johnson was staggered. "I said, 'We don't even know that many people." >>
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  • When Johnson sings "La da da da da da," he had planned on putting words there for the album, but when the time came no words came to mind so he just went with it. >>
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  • Brushfire Fairytales was Johnson's first album. He was working on films when a demo of his music caught the attention of Ben Harper's producer J.P. Plunier, who agreed to produce the album. After a great deal of touring, Johnson built a following and the album reached the Top 40 in the US. >>
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Comments: 10

  • David from Lafayette, InYou ever notice how the Colbie Calet song Bubbly seems to refrence then song...? think she wants to bone Jack?
  • Kyle from Egmondville, CanadaThis song really got me into JJ. I just love coming on here and reading how every song started as a joke with his wife. hahaha
  • Kappy from Concord, CaD.L.G. is not the only reference to Santa Barbara in the song. The line "and her feet are allcovered with tar balls and scars" refers to the fact that natural tar seeps from the ocean floor in the SB area and when you walk along the beach little tarballs stick to your feet.
  • Max from Honolulu, Hiwow! i love this song soooo much! it really picks me up when i am having a bad day! thanks Jack i love you!!!!
  • Adam from Greenfield, InI went to a JJ concert fairly recently and It was horrible. I was so buzzed when I left just from a contact buzz... It was just some hippy pot smoking fest... But hey if thats your thing... Then Rock ON
  • Dave from Philadelphia, PaJack's not bad. Rodeo Clowns is a good one but the version with G-love is better I think.
  • Billy Ross from Hagerstown, Mdmy favorite JJ song
  • Nick from Cypress, TxNothing like jamn to Jack.

    nick, cypress, tx
  • Daniel from Perth, AustraliaGroove and Chill to his songs!
  • John from Holland, MiJack is the Man!
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