Never Know

Album: In Between Dreams (2005)


  • Johnson: "That one's about people pushing their religions on each other. I actually started writing it when I was in New York doing Saturday Night Live. I picked up the newspaper and on the cover was that horrible thing that happened in Fallujah where they killed those Americans and dragged their bodies through the city. The cover of the newspaper had a photo of their burned bodies, and it was a horrible image. I came up with just the line, 'I heard this old story before, where the people keep on killing for their metaphors.' Joseph Campbell is a writer that I like a lot. He talked about how there's all these different metaphors and different ways of believing in what's unexplainable and people are always getting into conflicts over it. The idea for the song is just about tolerance and not pushing your religion on each other."

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  • Kyle from Egmondville, CanadaGreat way to point out the problem. This definitely isn't the point of religion, and it's a shame that things like this happen. All you can do is make sure you are tolerant, and hope the world will follow.
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