Album: All the Light Above It Too (2017)


  • The opening track of All the Light Above It Too, Johnson placed the song at the beginning of the album because he considered it to be a great thesis statement for the entire record.
  • The song also inspired the album title. Johnson explained to

    "This was my first time when I didn't have a title for a long time. The album has been called a couple of different things, All The Light Under The Sun was the title for a while. It's the first line from the first song. Then it was called Subplots, but that felt a bit too 80s. Then I went back to All The Light Under The Sun and I realised that All The Light Above It Too. It's saying the world is a beautiful place, but the way it works, the way the sun rises and sets every day, that's not just for us, we're just lucky enough to be here to experience it."


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