Lawyers In Love

Album: Lawyers In Love (1983)
Charted: 13
  • Often mistaken for social satire (on '80s materialism), this was actually about nuclear détente and the way world leaders play games with the lives of innocent citizens. Lawyers In Love was Browne's most political album. >>
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    S.D. - Denver, CO
  • Browne called this song "a political satire based on the delusion in the United States that there would be nothing in the world if there were no Russians."

    It didn't go as planned. "The vast majority of my audience could not get the height of that song," he explained. "They did not understand it, probably as a result of the misconception that I could not be satirical. In addition, political affairs are also much less clear to the younger generations than I thought."
  • Browne got the title from his brother-in-law, how told him that Los Angeles looked like it "had been designed by lawyers in love."
  • Rick Vito contributed some guitar work on this track. He spent three years with Fleetwood Mac in the late 1980s early '90s after Lindsey Buckingham left the band.

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  • Eric from San Francisco, CaThis album does not seem political to me, probably his least significant. Although I find Cut it Away to be an unbelivably gut wrenching son. Lives in the Balance and World in Motion are more poltical/social
  • Mary from Phoenix, AzHa! I totally remember this video! It brings me back to my MTV teen years!
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