Jackson Browne

Oct. 9, 1948

Jackson Browne Artistfacts

  • Browne was born in Heidelberg, West Germany.
  • While still a teen, he played with members of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, which would later play many of his songs.
  • Others who covered his songs before he even released an album include: Nico, the Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, and Linda Ronstadt.
  • Browne's first wife Phyllis committed suicide in 1976, 2 years after the birth of their son Ethan.
  • Browne generally writes about personal matters, but became very sociopolitical in the 1980s. In recent years, he has returned to his old style.
  • Some of the organizations of which Browne has been a part include: Amnesty International, Musicians United for Safe Energy, and the Christic Institute.
  • In the early 1990s, his girlfriend Daryl Hannah left him for John Kennedy Jr.
  • He co-wrote a number of The Eagles' hits, including "Take It Easy." >>
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  • Jackson Browne worked as a staff writer for Nina Music when he was eighteen years old. His job was to report on musical events in New York City. Nina Music was the publishing company for Elektra Records, and Jackson Browne was given a professional recording contract while still in his teens.
  • In 1967 Browne found a job as a backing musician for Nico. After a brief affair, Nico recorded three of Browne's songs for her debut Chelsea Girl album.
  • Gregg Allman and Jackson Browne were roommates in Los Angeles before either of them became famous.
  • Browne had a cameo role as himself in the 2007 John C. Reilly comedy Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

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  • Dennis from ColoradoThere is a guy that played more inst. and sang most of the harmony on these albums that never gets mentioned. So sad for someone as generous as Jackson.
  • Anonymous from Orange County, CaHeard Joan Baez sing Jackson’s work; loved it. Took me awhile to pick up his albums, but in the past three decades I’ve listened to every note on every album again and again. Never fail to be moved, provoked, delighted and grateful for this particular human being. Few are as fully developed.
    He’s still a prodigy to me, w/high EQ.
  • Zach from Columbus, OhioI used to write Jackson Brown off as a pretty boy, but after listening closely to his lyrics, I've really grown to appreciate him as a songwriter and musician.
  • Jorge from Bronx, NyHe's work always been played on classic rock stations,but I'd never followed,'Till a friend brought me a copy of Lives in the balance,Then i bought in cd,and loved the whole cd.
  • Stefanie Magura from Rock Hill, ScHe probably didn't find out about the end of the cold war before the rest of us. Either he just knew it, or it was a pretty lucky guess. He's a really great songwriter though.
  • Chuck from Peoria, Ilas a teen was an early member of the nitty gritty dirt band
  • Alan from Singapore, SingaporeThe song "Take It Easy" was written by him. Glenn Frey of the Eagles contributed two lines to the song and Jackson told him that it was official: Glen Frey co-wrote this. Jackson Browne, along with Bob Seger, J.D.Souther had some helped to write some of the Eagles songs.
  • Peter from Montrose, DcHe is the most amazing songwriter I have ever heard. His lyrics are so real and connect with people so well.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaRecorded "Late for the Sky" in 1974. One of the most beautiful and sad albums I have ever heard. David Crosby, Gram Nash and Don Henley gave their musical talents to the album.
  • Mike from Berkeley, Ca"Lawyers in Love" was recorded before the Berlin wall came down, yet was kind of a prediction that it would happen: the end of the cold war. I don't know how he found out about it before all the rest of us. This amazes me to this very day.
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