Redneck Friend

Album: For Everyman (1973)
Charted: 85


  • In this song Jackson Browne sings about letting loose his fun-loving, country side in an effort to improve relations with his lady. This alter ego was based on his real "Redneck Friend" - Gregg Allman. Browne was a huge fan of The Allman Brothers Band.
  • Elton John played piano on this track. He didn't have a US work permit at the time so he was credited as "Rockaday Johnny." Other musicians on the song were Doug Haywood on bass, Jim Keltner on drums, David Lindley on slide guitar, and Glenn Frey on harmony vocals. The previous year, Brown gave Frey the song that became the first single for the Eagles: "Take It Easy."
  • A track from Jackson Browne's second album, this was his third single.

Comments: 23

  • Eddie from Braselton, GeorgiaDavid Lindley. How many guitarists can you name after two notes? And's about a penis.
  • Tony from Jackson, MiAt the time, the jury was out on whether this was a song about his penis or Gregg Allman.
  • Eric from West Lafayette, InI can definitely buy "thekid"'s remark about Jackson having to change the title so they could at least print the song on the album (look at what the Stones ran into with "Star Star" aka "Starf--ker"). Also keep in mind this song was actually released as a single & it charted! You certainly could not have been able to do that with a song called "Big Red _______". :)
  • Reed from New Ulm, MnI still think it's a great old rocker, regardless of the debate.
    I think Jim Gordon's on drums on this track, but i'm not sure.
  • Thekid from Danville, CaThe fact that he sings it "red-HEADED friend" ought to remove any doubt about the subject matter he's seeking to "introduce" to his "pretty little one." I assume he was told to change the title by some suit. Quite the funny little perv, ol' JB.
  • Alan from Dayton, Ohio, TxI have been a radio personality since 1973, in High School.

    I've playing Jackson Browne since I got on a real radio station in Dayton, Ohio, WTUE since 1975.

    We all thought Rosie was about masturbation and after listening to Redneck Friend for the 503rd time, I believe this could be a song about a young girl who had "Lived too much in too few years..." (to quote the Stones) who Jackson Browne wanted introduce to his wrung out penis.

    Maybe both songs are about playing the "Big Al Home Game", or we are all easily misled.
  • Max from Philipsburg, PaI don't think it's about masturbation. It's just about him trying to talk a girl into bed with him.
    It's a kicking cool song, and I kind of wish it didn't have the quirky undertone to the lyrics. But I still love the song.
  • Ol Hippy Number 7 from Priest Valley, Cathis song is absolutely about masturbation. the little friend is the flaccid penis.. the redneck friend is when it has been rubbed a lot. his dad in the den and his mom out with a friend means it is safe to yank it without getting caught and 'breaking the rules'...
  • Victor D'amico from San Diego, CaI was also high! Sneaky Pete plays on this album.
    However uponn further consideration,I believe you are right! Peace Bro
  • Victor D'amico from San Diego, CaHey Mike I agree with everything you said about David Lindly, except one.
    "Sneaky pete" Klienow play the pedal steel on this cut!
    Dude! I was there!
  • Suzy from Stamford, United StatesI"m laughing out loud here...the lyrics are oddly incoherent, he's once again perfectly captured the essence of the moment. It's a window into the mind of a young young man (what was he, like 22?) who is saying just about anything to coax the object of his desire into agreement. Ah, I can't imaging that the gorgeous, talented Browne had to do too much coaxing. I hope everybody had a good time!
  • Joe from Corona, CaI read the meaning of this in an autobiography of JB. it started when they traveled alot by bus on tour and someone was always having to stop to pee. So they would say I have to take a friend by the hand. That developed into I have to take a redneck friend by the hand. It's about his penis.
  • David from Youngstown, OhThis has always been my favorite Jackson Browne song. Until I came here though I didn't know the meaning behind it. I now like it even more. Hysterically funny!!
  • Stu from Summit, NjDefinitely his penis (he must be circumcised). He's trying to get laid.

    "I think the damage would do you good" "It's gonna feel so fine" "I'm going to try to swing you up into my saddle"

    A much more creative take on the subject than Billy Joel's "Only The Good Die Young"
  • Joe from Philly, PaIt's about his penis.. the line "It's an eleven on a scale of ten" I think it kinda sums it all up.
  • Krista from Bonney Lake, WaI always thought Redneck friend was some type of drug reference.
  • Paul from TeddingtonI thought that "Lookin like this dream will never end", "the stream will never end"! referred to his honeymoon in Venice and he wrote this after a day out on a gondola.
  • Richard from London, EnglandOf course it's about his penis - just read the lyrics. The last line, "Lookin like this dream will never end" is sung, "the stream will never end"! It's the first of a trio of songs that make up a story, the other two being The Times You've Come (think about it) and Ready or Not, where the girl ends up pregnant.
  • Peter from Montrose, DcDavid Lindley is one of the most underated guitarists ever.
  • Mike from Berkeley, Ca.......Gee.... I think David from Schereville is probably right.. :-) I didn't know THAT!!!
  • Mike from Berkeley, CaDavid Lindley plays a sizzling solo on this which many tried to duplicate the year this came out. David was playing other sessions at the time and he complained that everyone else he played with wanted him to play this solo again.
    This man is a GIANT of the guitar. If you heard him play, you'd have to give him serious consideration as the most talented guitar player in the world.
    Eventually, he became a solo artist and is always involved in interesting projects. He's played on MANY great records with other artists and even got into the world music scene playing instruments like the lute, dulcimer and various other stringed instruments in the musical styles of Turkey, Gypsies and other cultures. He's made some incredible records and he's always in new interesting projects such as "Twango Bango" or sometimes he plays with Ry Cooder in concerts. Before becoming famous, he once took part in a legendary Topanga Canyon banjo festival which went down to a "sudden death playoff" between him and Taj Mahal...
  • Rita from Citrus Heights, CaI do believe your wrong David. Its about a friend who is a redneck.
  • David from Schererville, InI think that this song is about Jackson's penis: "Honey let me introduce you to my redneck friend"
    His song "Rosey" from the album "Running on Empty" definately is about masturbation.
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