The Drums Of War

Album: Time The Conqueror (2008)
  • In this song Browne conveys a sense of despair at the injustice of political conflict, in particular the American government's enthusiasm for the Iraq invasion in 2004.
  • On this song, Browne was backed by Chavonne Morris and Alethea Mills, who also sang on his 2002 for The Naked Ride Home album. Browne originally met the two vocalists in early 2001 while working with the Washington Preparatory High School choir in Los Angeles.
  • Browne told American Songwriter magazine: "That was inspired by reading about these Bay Area drummers, who were against the war and wanted to put a band together. It was very groovy, but I had this idea that I wanted to put big loud drums on there… It works so much better. I'll write a song by myself, and come back and play it for the band, then find out I don't really wanna hear two verses before the chorus."

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  • Demetri from Belgrade, --This is a good song. Bascially any anti-war song is good. Thank you and peace be with you.

    Belgrade, Croatia
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