Say What You Feel

Album: Every Now & Then (2016)


  • Vocalist Gabriel Winterfield sings here of pride having "no place in this room." He explained the song's meaning to Stereogum:

    "It's about being honest with someone you love, quite simply. And trying to have those often-difficult conversations with somebody where pride can get in the way of telling the truth. And also, pride can get in the way of you being honest with yourself.

    I remember when we were working on that track, from the studio you can see a church, and the idea of those spiritual, gospel preachers slamming their fists down on the tabernacle and saying, 'Pride has no place in this room,' just came to me. Those evangelical pastors in certain states in America, you know?"
  • A classic 1980 Hollywood movie served as inspiration. "We watched The Blues Brothers too, so many times, and the incredible, amazing scene with James Brown as the pastor was a big inspiration, certainly towards the end of that track," said Winterfield. "It begins quite timidly, perhaps even shyly, and then it turns into this."


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